Important things to know about DEBT


Is there any season in your life that your earnings for this month is not already yours?  Because even before it goes to your bank account, it already belong to someone else.. sad part is it’s not even your spouse but Creditors.

My husband and I experienced that, bad debt is bondage, it causes us a huge amount of stress.

But how did we acquire debts?

1. We buy things before earning most commonly in the form of “credit card debt” – we thought our income will remain at its peak and we kept on buying new stuff for our newborn Zee that time, but when I decided to become a fulltime mom and be on business hiatus, our income dropped real low and we couldn’t pay the full amount of our bill and ended up acquiring compound interest.

2. Became a guarantor – a very big mistake on our part, we borrowed money for other people’s emergency. Since we are the one who borrowed for them the moment they cannot pay, we don’t have a choice but pay for it to protect our integrity because we believe that having integrity is better than material riches.

3.   Lack of income – we loss our emergency fund when my husband’s job went off-season and as I’ve mentioned earlier I was on a business leave and our businesses didn’t operate well when I was not around – another mistake that I wasn’t able to duplicate myself well. 

That’s why 2 years ago, we’ve decided to change our lifestyle or should I say we are forced to change it.
(Less eat-out, no more cable tv, living with less and eating “tipid” meals)


Last September 17, Sunlife Brighterlife Institute hosted a course about “Debt” and the trainer was none other than Mr. Aya Laya, the man behind “Pesos & Sense”, He is a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment Company representative, a realtor, and a writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia. (credits to Pesos and Sense Website)

I am happy to share with you my take home learning from the workshop about Debt.

“Important things we should know about Debt” :

Debt is simply the use of other people’s money. Debt is not actually a negative thing. Debt can be used as a tool to make our financial life comfortable.

Coach Aya Laya  discussed the two kinds of debts, Good and Bad Debt. Yes you heard it right, there’s such thing as good debt.

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Financial Freedom Journey: Moneykit by Chinkee Tan

Hello Friends!

Today, after sharing about our first step towards our financial freedom journey and how breastfeeding helped us financially?

I’m going to share with you about “Moneykit”

Moneykit is a money management system in a box that will help every Filipino to:

  • Save
  • Budget
  • Get-out of Debt
  • Invest


The term “budget” is overly used in every Filipino Family’s home.

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Financial Freedom Journey: Know Where You Are

As promised, after being invited on “Money Wise”, a financial literacy TV Show hosted by Mr. Chinkee Tan and Tin Tin Bersola-Babao, we promised you friends, that we will share our journey towards financial freedom.

They invited us to represent most Filipino Families, why most of us cannot save? They mentored us on how we can do better on our financial life and even on our business.

This year, we wanted to build our emergency fund again- we lost almost everything when we transitioned to one income earner family late 2013 as I’ve shared last year (here) and we’ve been praying for an effective system that will work for inconsistent income earners like us, start paying-off our home mortgage loan and be a channel of God’s blessings– these are our top financial goals for this year.

To summarize, it is one of our faith goals this year to be a better manager of God’s entrusted resources to us, being mentored by Mr. Chinkee Tan & Ms.Tin-Tin is one of God’s answer to our prayer and faith goal.



My husband and I realized that the first step in walking in financial freedom is to know where you are.

Like in Waze, it won’t tell you where you want to go. Instead, it asks us where we will be coming from and our destination before it can show us the directions and paths we need to take.

Same goes with our financial life, first,we need to know where we are right now.

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How To Have a Budget-friendly Family Travel?

Hello Loves!

Few days ago we celebrated our 3 years of team work in parenthood in a Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas (It has been our family tradition to visit different beaches whenever we have special occasions in our small family) It is our way to switch off and spend alone time with our family and with God.


Being known as a practical and “budget-conscious” person, our friends asked us on how to have a budget-friendly family travel.

Most of us think that only rich people can travel, but the truth is.. everyone can, as long as you put it in your priority list.

Like for example,instead of spending for your favorite frappucino, why not save it for a family travel fund? We just need discipline, patience, proper planning, commitment to our travel goals and saving habits.

Here are our family’s simple tips on how to save on your family travel:

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Mompreneur’s Simple Ways to Cut Business Cost

For home-based and start-up businesses, cost cutting maybe one of your goals this year momma.

In order to keep our businesses growing, I guess we should treat it like managing our home finances. “Living below our means” or “Operating below our income”



Our expenses should be smaller than our sales to keep the business growing, proper allocation of funds and prioritizing purchases.

Sharing with you some of simple ways we’re planning to do this 2016 to save more this year:


1. Utilities- we are planning to switch to a better postpaid plan that suits our business need. I just realized that most of our clients are using this network provider, at the same time, they have a postpaid plan that offers unlimited calls and text to same network. So why should I pay extra fees from my current provider if I can just switch to other network. Some provider even have a complete business bundle with internet, landline number and mobile numbers for you and for your team.

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Why I am still Thankful going through the not-so-ok financial season?


Last year up to early this year was a big shake on our financial life.

Our reserves were lost. And sad to say, we even had some debts to pay. We do not have a stable income that time. (My hubby works as a freelance animator and me, a self-employed momma) 


But why we are still thankful that those season and scene happened to us? 


 1.  We’ve learned it is true unlike in school, in real life, lessons happens after a test.


 2.  We became better steward (still a work in progress)- during that season God equipped us through His word and books that tackle about financial stewardships about money management, being a better spender and steward of material resources.



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10 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

Since my hubby & I will be celebrating our “Second Wedding Anniversary”..

3 (128)

I would like to start my blog by sharing some practical tips on how you can save on your wedding day.

Yes, wedding is the most awaited event every couple would have,
But it is not an excuse to spend all your hard earned money, and welcome your first day as mr. And mrs. with big debts to pay.. Its a big NO, NO…

Here are some practical ways we did and we hope we knew on our wedding day:

Ways to save money on your wedding day:

1) Hello Manila! Go to Divisoria.
– it adds fun and adventure on exploring the city of manila primarily, divisoria.
You can look for locally made and discounted products, rates are 30-60% much affordable than items available in Malls, you can even get big discounts when you are good in haggling..hehe From table decorations, invitations, giveaways, baskets to your flower girls’ gown, you can find a good bargain at Divisoria.

2) Do-it-yourself Together Projects
– not only you can save but it can also practice your creativity, plus its an additional bonding between you and your spouse to be. Do it yourself wedding items also add personalized touch to your wedding. You dont need to be a graphic artist or a scrap and craft expert, you can get concept and free printable formats online.

We made our invitations, ecobags, windmill and more..




a (30)

b (25)

3) Consider local seamstress
– Bride’s wedding gown is one of the main highlight in a wedding, but why spend too much for a one day event? You can search different design from the web, mix and match till you achieve your dream wedding gown and why not talk with a local seamstress, you can buy your own materials to assure quality outcome and just pay her for a labor cost. Not only you can save from a designers’ rate gown, but you can also help by supporting local sewers in your community. You may also consider renting or borrowing a gown…

Yes, I am not wearing a white gown. I chose a vintage-shell themed gown :) Designed by yours truly hehe Glory to God!

Yes, I am not wearing a white gown.
I chose a vintage-shell themed gown :) Designed by yours truly hehe
Glory to God!

4) Avail promos
– when visiting bridal fairs, grab opportunities like “sign up now and get 30% off”
It is important to view suppliers profile before the event’ to avoid being an impulse buyer,
buy in package and get freebies.

We got our photo and video coverage with free wedding teaser through their online promos.

5) Venue
– choose a venue that will not only cater your dream wedding theme, but offers rooms and food services, so you dont need to look for another hotel or venue booking for your honeymoon. Choose a venue near your suppliers to lessen cost of delivery charges, consider the corkage rate for photobooths, lechon and others..

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6) Bundled treats
– we chose a venue who also offer catering services, and we really got a good deal from them. We are blessed to be the first wedding they’ve served that’s why they also gave us a special discount.. :) invest on your food, make your guest’s tummy happy. :)
Look for packages like venue + catering + rooms, there are also providers with package for host,cake and video coverage. You can save both your time and moolah.

7) Be simple yet creative
– choose a casual mood, we asked our guest and entourage to wear casual beach attire so they can re-use their clothes even after our wedding. Being invited in different wedding occasions, wearing a formal dress is one of my dilemma, and i usually end up buying new dress.

Make it simple in terms of decorations, remember it is your spouse’s union the main highlight of the wedding, not your decorations, so focus on more important details.

Make the program simple and easy to follow, it will save you from many props’ costing.

8) Pick a good wedding month – lean season months
-February is near valentines day, the price of flowers are at their peak, but since we wanted our wedding day to be exactly our 10th anniversary, we dont have much of a choice, but instead of using flowers, we’ve looked for other decorating alternatives.

Consider hotel and resorts peak months when planning an out of town wedding.
During lean seasons, it is hard to book a wedding date, the higher your competition,
The more its harder for you to haggle with your suppliers.

9) Ask help, volunteers and carpool
– if you are blessed with talented people around you, you can ask them to do a favor on your wedding. We had some of our friends as the wedding singers, Asked some of our friends if they can offer carpool for others who will be commuting. Our coordinators, hosts are relatives and friends. But we also recommend if you  have a budget to hire a private coordinator who are experienced in wedding planning, as well as the hosts, so your friends and relatives can also enjoy your big day..

10) Keep it private, limit the guest-list
– you can save from your catering cost when you limit your guest list. So make a list of your circles.. Sort them by category, and discuss this together with your partner. Make it an RSVP and ask them to respond, make a list of your “waiting list” guest, in case there are people who will back out, they will fill the slot.

Venue: Klub Keluarga, Laiya, Batangas.

I remember Mr. Rene Ressurection said in one of his books “sa papiso-piso nakaka isang libo”

Hope it helps!

God bless you! Smile :) Life is Fun!