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Tara, usap tayo! :)




Any blog topic recommendations? 

Collaboration project?

Sponsored posts? 


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6 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hi MomPreneur!


    Pleasure to meet you po here sa blog niyo. I would to highly request to talk to you or kahit Skype chat coffee po as I have a business proposal po for you which si strongly confident that this will help us both po. I am also a mom and I am working homebased. I love your blog articles and it’s so inspiring that’s why I’ve decided to s write you a message and requesting to meet you po kahit Skype here’s my Skype account po:

    Awaiting for your kind positive reply to the soonest.


    • Hello Aishah,

      Good day! Wow! Thank you for those kind words.
      Sure, let’s schedule a meeting. Sending you an email now 🙂

      Thanks for contacting us! -Gracie

  2. Dear Mommy Gracie Maulion:

    Good day! I have dreams to establish a brand that represents high quality, exceptional and natural products. I am currently looking into developing products catering specifically to childcare.

    I am not a mom myself but have been surrounded by my friends and family members who are moms and mom to be. I came to notice that products available for babies especially for sensitive skin are on the expensive side, which is why I want to make available not only safe and natural but also affordable products for childcare. With this, may I kindly ask a few minutes of your time to answer a couple of questions in the attached survey form sent to you via email @(

    Hoping for your most favorable response regarding this matter as I embark on this venture.

    Faire Ong

    • Hello Ms.Faire,

      Thank you for considering me on your product survey. I’ll check out my email :)

      Thanks! God bless to your venture!

  3. Hello,

    Just want to drop by and say I love the content of your blog. I value practicality esp. now that I’m a mom. I’m learning a lot in reading your articles. :)

    • Hello Mommy Faye,

      Thank you so much. I’m glad to be of help, messages from moms like you are also inspiring me to write more valuable articles about practical and simple living. Are you a new mom? Congrats sis! Welcome to Mommyhood! :)

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