Budget-friendly “Me-time” Ideas for Moms

Body Massage (4)

Every house wife or mom’s wish is “me-time”. Yung time para makapag-rest, yung walang toddler na sunod ng sunod sayo, saglit na time na maka- inhale exhale. I know most of us moms can relate to that. Sabi nga ng … Continue reading 

#IponGoals: My Ipon Diary Book Review 

Mommies, alam ko halos lahat tayo ay may mga #ipongoals this year. Pero hindi mo ba alam paano makakapag-start.. or paano magtutuloy tuloy mag-save ng pera.. Yung makatapos ka talaga this year ng 52-week money challenge.

Sabi nga ni Coach Chinkee, mas madali pa mag-ipon ng taba kesa sa pera. Agree ba kayo mommies? (hehe)

Paano ba makaka-ipon?

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Why we should track our family’s expenses?

Back in 2011, my husband and I were engaged to be married, we heard from a financial seminar to keep a shoe box and put all our receipts there to track our monthly expenses.

we tracked our expenses for months

After attending that workshop, I immediately bought a pen and paper to track our expenses (wedding preparation) until I was able to form this new habit.

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Gourmet Tuyo Recipe

Being yayaless, bulk cooking helped us a lot, para hindi maubos time namin sa kusina. We are not into canned foods as much as possible, especially that we have a little boy, we became extra mindful sa meal plan namin. Since we do not have a helper nor a yaya, usually graveyard lang kami nakakawork ni husband (when our little guy is asleep). There were nights na nagugutom kami, so aside from sunny side up na egg, we are just happy may bago kaming “to the rescue ulam”.



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How to pay off “Credit Card Debt?”

Having a credit card is very easy now a days, there are many sales officer approaching people in the malls and offering a Free umbrella para mag-sign up sa card.

I can’t deny the convenience it brings, imagine makakabili ka using a small plastic card kahit wala kang dalang cash. But again, charged to experience (and to bank interest), even pala almost 3 years na akong good credit card payer, I am still not exempted sa possibility to accumulate credit card debt.

how we paid off our P50,000+ credit card debt (1)


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Practical ways to save when you have a new baby

Having a baby is indeed a blessing from Above, but of course.. we moms know that starting from pregnancy,  (prenatal check-ups, vitamins, ultrasound etc.) up to the “delivery day”, it is a bit costly  to have a baby.



When I gave birth to my son, I wasn’t able to get back to work or business right away. Limited budget talaga kami kaya nadiscover  rin namin ang iba’t-ibang ways to save for our little bundle of joy.

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Health is Wealth : Usanimals Multivitamins

For us mommies and inays, one of our concerns as mothers is our child’s health and nutrition. Tipid ako in many ways, but when it comes to “health” I make sure, we (with my husband) are giving the best for our son.

Did you know that?… 

“Sugar” has a big impact in our health today, and mostly not good. Like what Dra.Rio Rita, a pediatrician, shared during her talk at Usana’s office that most kids today have “sweet tooth”. Most of us parents are guilty sa pag-give in sa “sweet cravings” ng kids natin.. right? No wonder there’s an increase rate of obesity and malnutrition in children today.

I am no excuse,  may sweet tooth din ako so nakikita ni Zee yung eating habits ko, kaya ngayon I should be extra mindful on my eating habits para maging role model sa child ko.


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Prayer: A lifetime investment for our children (31 days of prayer PRINTABLE)

Being a mother, I know how busy our day can be.. and sometimes, we forget of one of the most important thing we can do for our children.. to pray for them..

But when I heard about Nikki Gil’s story, that her parents were praying for her future husband ever since she was a little girl. And  she was spared from a wrong relationship and was lead eventually to the right man. I am amazed of the power of a praying parent.

So happy din to see this free 31 Days of Prayers for Your Child printable online. But of course, you still get to pray your own heartfelt prayers for our children, this is just a guide for everyday character that we want to focus as our prayer point for the day.



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5 Money Lessons for Toddlers

Both my husband and I came from families who didn’t involve us in “money matters”.

Growing up, we just learned our money management skills from work, workshops, books and sad to say most from mistakes and “charge to experience” life circumstances.

That’s why one of our desires is to raise our son, who will someday be the provider of his family (a father), to be a moneywise kid.

We believe it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children their needed “life skills” and financial management is one of these..



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Mommy Finds | Belo Baby “Talc-free” Baby Powder

Heat surely rises during summer season and a good baby powder should always come in handy cause our babies and little ones are more prone to excessive sweating or “pawis” this season.

Mindful and Pro-Natural Mommies, I’m happy to share with you Belo Baby’s newest product, just in time for this super hot season, the “Belo Baby’s Talc-free powder”



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Grocery Shopping Tipid Hacks

“Hala! Nag-over budget ako!” Are these words part of your post-battle cry everytime you do the grocery? Can you also relate to emotional buying as I do? Anghirap humindi kay hubby or sa kids kapag may pinapabili sila sa groceries…

May mga instances pa nga before na yung bibilhin ko talaga ang hindi ko nabili. But on our journey to living a simple and practical life (or should I say tipid living) we’ve discovered our mistakes and some techniques that helped us save from our grocery expenses.

Food Photography-2


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Affordable Finds at Baby Company

Mommies, when do you usually shop for your little one’s items? do you have a habit of checking his milestones and look for items that suits his or her current stage? or do you also do an inventory of your child’s baby essentials regularly?

I usually make a list of Zee’s items to remind me of the things we need to replenish, but when “momnesia” strikes, there were days like “hala, wala na palang diaper and wipes?!” (hehe!)


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5 Ways How Traveling Changed Our Family

“Oh that’s a starfish mimi..” says my son on our beach get-away.

“Tap.. tap.. tap.. We’re going to fly didi!” his words on his first airplane ride.

Seeing how our son enjoyed every second of our trips made our hearts full as parents.


Since my husband and I became parents, we’ve decided to invest on “experience” rather than on “material gifts” to our son.

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P 2,700 Family Travel & Barrio Living at Barangay Tingloy (Masasa Beach)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and near Manila White Sand Beach, Masasa Beach located at Tingloy, Batangas is a great place for you.



We are so blessed to explore Masasa Beach bago pa sya maging crowded. We spent two days of Simple Living in Barangay Tingloy.

Sobrang Raw and Authentic Beauty of Nature, Masasa Beach is indeed one of the hidden gems of Batangas.



“Hello Cow!” -Zee

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UTI Home Test Kit for Busy Mommies

We, moms, live a fast paced lifestyle. With all the work, house chores and mom-related tasks, we most of the time tend to forget about ourselves.

Our health becomes least of our priorities. And as tipid mommies, we know that medication and hospitalization are some of the biggest factors that drain our budget. As moms, we should be aware and protect ourselves and our family from diseases and sickness we are prone of like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) for example.



I once suffered from UTI. The burning pain whenever I pee and the pain on my lower pelvis affected my daily routine. I thought only people who have poor hygiene are prone to UTI, but I was wrong because UTI can effect even if you are squaeky clean.

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Affordameal: Php 50 Tuna Nuggets Recipe

I was experimenting different affordable meals and ulam ideas, and found out this recipe from a Foodie Group.

If you love fish and nuggets, perfect ito for you! Mommies, super affordable pa! Great for Baon too!



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Practical Wardrobe Guide for “Fashionable Buntis”

I can still remember that magical feeling we felt when we first saw our son, kahit “sac” pa lang s’ya that time, hindi namin napigilan maiyak ng husband ko when we found out that we we’re pregnant. (That was 4 years ago)

When I got pregnant, there were many changes that happened and one of those changes was a change in wardrobe. Since most of my friends are asking me some practical tips about “preggy clothing”… 



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Simple ways to cost cut and save more this year

One of the top goals of most moms this year is to save more. There are many money challenges posted online and I’m one of those interested moms who wanted to give it a try.

But if you are not earning “more” this year, paano makakahulog sa Money Challenge? Especially for most housewives na wala naman sweldo? How can we cost cut so we can save from our current budget?



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Worry-Free Travel With A Toddler

Our family loves to travel and explore places together, some parents are asking us if hindi ba mahirap mag-travel with kids? Our answer, yes, it’s challenging and fun at the same time!


Expect a lot of “changes in your plan” when traveling with kids, there are also many commercial breaks like “Mimi, wiwi ako!…” “Mimi, I’m hungry!..” “Mimi… Mimi…”, haha!

But traveling with our child makes every travel, extra fun, loaded with laughters, with our main travel goal “to fill his core memories” with joyful experiences with us, letting him see the world in his own eyes and be amazed of the Amazing Creator we have. Every travel experience, kahit mahirap minsan, are all worth it! 

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Money & Marriage : Money lessons for newly weds

Money issues is one of the top reasons why many couples call it quits.

It may be because of inability to provide, some face conflict in sharing their wealth, while others simply do not have enough time to flourish their marriage because they’re both busy making a living and as they say, they forget about living.



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Budgeting : The Freelancer’s Way

“Freelancers” when people hears about this job title, the first thing that comes to our mind is “freedom”.

Being freelancers and self-employed allowed our family to always be together, as in, everyday, have a vacation on a weekday (mas mura ang accommodation rates) , play with our child while having a lunch break from work which is just few inches away from our sofa haha!

But included in the package of being freelancers is the “inconsistent income flow” or should I say “irregular income” though some freelancers are hired as full time employee receiving a fix monthly salary, there are also freelancers like us, who get paid “project-based”.


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Health & Life Insurance : Rethink the way you knew it

If there’s one thing sure about life, that is Death. There’s a time to be born and a time to die..

In the Philippines, its a taboo topic. Almost all of Filipinos won’t talk about it. As Coach Aya said, we are a happy ethnic or race that even after facing calamities as a country we remain positive about life. Most of us don’t want to talk about problems that much and maybe that’s why we are not comfortable with topics like Health & Life Insurance.

These topics are subjects that we always put on hold and inside a box.

Only few Filipinos have health and life insurance, that’s why it is a common scenario in our country that a child becomes an instant bread winner after a love one’s death and relatives become in debt because of hospital expenses.


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How selling pre-loved baby items helped us open a mutual fund?


I was moved by this story that I’ve shared on my previous post (link here) So I began checking our idle resources.


As a newbie mom, I love buying cute items for my son when he was still a baby, being a first time parent, I’m always excited to get something new for him.

But since babies grew up so fast, many of his clothes doesn’t fit him anymore, he is not into rattles nor play gym now so even outgrew his baby toys and books.

Until I thought of selling his pre-loved baby items online – in a mommy’s Facebook group and in buy & sell websites. 


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5 Benefits of Family Travel


Traveling as family is one of our family activities each year.

It is a “must” in our family, its like a yearly tradition during our wedding anniversary and our child’s birthday.

But why do we love to travel? Why do we have to cut down on other expenses so we can save for our yearly trip?

Because we believe it is beneficial for our family.

Here are some benefits of family travel:

1. Making Memories

We believe that we are to celebrate life, in simple and exciting ways, in our family, traveling is our way to celebrate occasions, We believe that our son is in his stage of building his “core memories” we wanted to fill it with love, laughter, experiences and memories of our travel..

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Important things to know about DEBT


Is there any season in your life that your earnings for this month is not already yours?  Because even before it goes to your bank account, it already belong to someone else.. sad part is it’s not even your spouse but Creditors.

My husband and I experienced that, bad debt is bondage, it causes us a huge amount of stress.

But how did we acquire debts?

1. We buy things before earning most commonly in the form of “credit card debt” – we thought our income will remain at its peak and we kept on buying new stuff for our newborn Zee that time, but when I decided to become a fulltime mom and be on business hiatus, our income dropped real low and we couldn’t pay the full amount of our bill and ended up acquiring compound interest.

2. Became a guarantor – a very big mistake on our part, we borrowed money for other people’s emergency. Since we are the one who borrowed for them the moment they cannot pay, we don’t have a choice but pay for it to protect our integrity because we believe that having integrity is better than material riches.

3.   Lack of income – we loss our emergency fund when my husband’s job went off-season and as I’ve mentioned earlier I was on a business leave and our businesses didn’t operate well when I was not around – another mistake that I wasn’t able to duplicate myself well. 

That’s why 2 years ago, we’ve decided to change our lifestyle or should I say we are forced to change it.
(Less eat-out, no more cable tv, living with less and eating “tipid” meals)


Last September 17, Sunlife Brighterlife Institute hosted a course about “Debt” and the trainer was none other than Mr. Aya Laya, the man behind “Pesos & Sense”, He is a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment Company representative, a realtor, and a writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia. (credits to Pesos and Sense Website)

I am happy to share with you my take home learning from the workshop about Debt.

“Important things we should know about Debt” :

Debt is simply the use of other people’s money. Debt is not actually a negative thing. Debt can be used as a tool to make our financial life comfortable.

Coach Aya Laya  discussed the two kinds of debts, Good and Bad Debt. Yes you heard it right, there’s such thing as good debt.

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Financial Freedom Journey: Moneykit by Chinkee Tan

Hello Friends!

Today, after sharing about our first step towards our financial freedom journey and how breastfeeding helped us financially?

I’m going to share with you about “Moneykit”

Moneykit is a money management system in a box that will help every Filipino to:

  • Save
  • Budget
  • Get-out of Debt
  • Invest


The term “budget” is overly used in every Filipino Family’s home.

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Helpful Apps for Work-from-Home Mommies

In a previous post, 7 Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms I shared a few business ideas that mommies could start right in their very home so that they can contribute to the family income while still being around the children.

But even with a solid concept in your head, it’s hard to figure everything out on your own, thus it’s important that you network and get in touch with the right people to help your business get started. You also need to be extremely organized and manage time well, and anyone who has ever worked from home understands the temptations of working from the bed or being distracted by other responsibilities, among other things.

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Financial Freedom Journey: Know Where You Are

As promised, after being invited on “Money Wise”, a financial literacy TV Show hosted by Mr. Chinkee Tan and Tin Tin Bersola-Babao, we promised you friends, that we will share our journey towards financial freedom.

They invited us to represent most Filipino Families, why most of us cannot save? They mentored us on how we can do better on our financial life and even on our business.

This year, we wanted to build our emergency fund again- we lost almost everything when we transitioned to one income earner family late 2013 as I’ve shared last year (here) and we’ve been praying for an effective system that will work for inconsistent income earners like us, start paying-off our home mortgage loan and be a channel of God’s blessings– these are our top financial goals for this year.

To summarize, it is one of our faith goals this year to be a better manager of God’s entrusted resources to us, being mentored by Mr. Chinkee Tan & Ms.Tin-Tin is one of God’s answer to our prayer and faith goal.



My husband and I realized that the first step in walking in financial freedom is to know where you are.

Like in Waze, it won’t tell you where you want to go. Instead, it asks us where we will be coming from and our destination before it can show us the directions and paths we need to take.

Same goes with our financial life, first,we need to know where we are right now.

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Depressed to Determined

Managing a business while being a mom is really not an easy job, there were days I felt stuck and hostaged by my son – days I felt sad, unproductive and depressed ,but I thank God for His daily grace and patience.

Are you a dreamer too? Do you have many goals, Kaso feeling mo hindi mo magagawa ngayon kasi andaming “mommy duties”?

Motherhood shouldn’t stop us from dreaming.. But dreaming doesn’t mean we have to forget about our family and pursue our own wants and passions.




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Your Private Life Matters

In our modern world of Instagram and Pinterest-Worthy Life, and in this age of everything can be posted online and even Live!

When we, people, can share the details of our day…

We really have a tendency to focus more on our public life rather than minding more about our private life. Because social media is really addicting. Our cellphones seems to have an invisible chains in our hands.. And for people who works online, for bloggers, this is really part of our daily lives.

I am not an excuse, let me share to you a recent scenario..

There was this day when I am happily taking picture of my little guy and he said “Mimi, no cellphone please while he covered my eyes”

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Music and its Benefits in a Child’s Development + Affordable Music School

“Music is the art of thinking with sounds” -Jules Combarleu

Aside from hugs, kisses and I love yous.. music and Lullaby songs are our first way of communicating to our child.

Those soft songs.. will turn to happy beat.. to dancing beat with marching feet.

Being married to a musically-inclined person,no wonder my son, Zee, was born a music lover too. As early as 6-month old he is already into dancing and loves playing the drums.

Sharing with you the benefits of music for toddlers and preschoolers:

1. Brain Development – music helps the body and mind work together as a team, no wonder it benefits our child’s brain development. It improves a child’s motor skills by moving and their memory by remembering the sound of the song and its lyrics.



From Sheknows.com : Children’s music specialist Meredith LeVande of MonkeyMonkeyMusic.com.“Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development.


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The Characteristics of Proverbs 31 Mompreneur

She is tired, stressed, always have panic attack, rushing things and just exhausted. Sounds familiar? Sounds me sometimes.

Juggling two roles is not easy, running a business while raising a child is one of the toughest job description on earth.


Thank God for reminding me to look at the characteristics of my “Mompreneur Peg”, the Proverbs 31 Woman.



Who is she as a mompreneur, here are her characteristics that I’ve discovered and I want to imitate from her:


1. She wakes up early – 

She gets up while it is still night;
    she provides food for her family
    and portions for her female servants. Proverbs 31: 15

A proverbs 31 mompreneur wakes up early and prepare food for her household.

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The Hare & The Tortoise: “Taking it Slow”

This story is so popular, repeated not only  twice or thrice, but as a mom and entrepreneur now.. I am viewing the story much bigger compared those times that my teacher uses it to illustrate and teach the word “fast” and “slow” haha!

Two characters : 
The hare and the tortoise..

The hare, who hops fast.. and tend to go quicker than the tortoise… and has a competition mindset..

The tortoise, who take it slow.. the relaxed one but knows his direction and determined


“How motherhood can teach us to slow down”

When my husband and I have decided to close our day spa biz and our business office so I can be a hands-on mom to my son and by choice, we didn’t hire a yaya for him.. we didn’t know it will affect our business this much #thestruggleisreal 

We lost 90% of our monthly sales because of my decision to operate from home. (Yes, a little lack of planning here ,I must admit)

I am not so aware, that I have to clean the dishes, clean the potty, give my son a bath.. breastfeed him every 4 hours… cook.. and those mommy tasks will already occupy my whole day and turned out I only have few minutes left for work or none at all.

I used to be a rabbit or the hare before.. hopping around without any clear direction..  Ano ba talaga? Saan ba talaga? I want to try almost everything in front of me.

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5 Time Management Tips


grass-1140817_960_720Effective time management… that’s one of our regular prayer request.

Working at home with a toddler is not a joke. Cooking while answering emails,  breastfeeding while talking to a client on the phone. Going back to our home twice because we left important documents or hubby’s driver’s license.

Those are some unseen stories that we have in our everyday journey.

I am always on search for ways that will help our family manage our time wisely so we’ll be better stewards of the gift of time, because we know that God doesn’t want us to always cram and rush. Time is a precious gift. That’s one of the things we cannot bring back right? Time.

Here are some of the ways we’re trying (yes, we are still in the process) to manage our time:

1. Planning ahead – having a calendar and/or a planner helps a lot, scheduling all field transactions so we can just work at home for atleast 3 days in a week and saves us gasoline expense, planning the menu for the week, by having a grocery list so we won’t have to go back to the store everyday.


Covey’s Time Management Grid

You may want to check The Time Management Grid here this help us in organizing our schedule.

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Family Vacation: White Beach in Quezon

This February, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Eversince, beach has always been our happy place.

The sea is a witness that after 10 years of being in a relationship and 4 years as a married couple, we still DO love each other.


After searching for a beach near Manila, we’ve decided to go to Padre, Burgos Quezon.  (5-6 hours drive)

PHP 1,700 (gasoline for Revo + toll fees)

It was our first Quezon adventure, and I am excited to share with you why we fell in love with the Province of Quezon and why you should put it on your travel bucket list too.

We went to three islands in Padre Burgos and Pagbilao, Quezon

  • Borawan (Boracay and Palawan in One)
  • Dampalitan Island
  • Puting Buhangin (Pagbilao, Quezon)

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Buribox : Filipino + Learning + Fun in a BOX

Hello Mommies and Daddies!


Do you want to lessen your child’s screentime?

Are you running out of ideas on what activities you can do with your child at home?

No time to prepare homeschooling materials?

Do you want to raise up a bilingual child?

Do you want to have a child who loves to read?

If your answer is YES!

Check out Buribox. You and your child will definitely love it.


Last month, our little Zee was privileged to try out Buribox (referred by lovely Mommy May of FullyHouseWifed)

After posting our activities on Instagram, a lot of my mommy friends got curious what a Buribox is.

So… What is Buribox?

Buribox – is a subscription box by Adarna House developed for Filipino Family with different books and activities every month making it fun and happy learning time with our little ones.


It comes with a guide for us mommies and daddies :)

You’ll get 4-5 books, creative ideas, activity sheets and art materials for only PHP 799/month..


Here’s what inside the cutie Buribox :) all for PHP 799 only

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Mompreneur’s Simple Ways to Cut Business Cost

For home-based and start-up businesses, cost cutting maybe one of your goals this year momma.

In order to keep our businesses growing, I guess we should treat it like managing our home finances. “Living below our means” or “Operating below our income”



Our expenses should be smaller than our sales to keep the business growing, proper allocation of funds and prioritizing purchases.

Sharing with you some of simple ways we’re planning to do this 2016 to save more this year:


1. Utilities- we are planning to switch to a better postpaid plan that suits our business need. I just realized that most of our clients are using this network provider, at the same time, they have a postpaid plan that offers unlimited calls and text to same network. So why should I pay extra fees from my current provider if I can just switch to other network. Some provider even have a complete business bundle with internet, landline number and mobile numbers for you and for your team.

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The Joy in Contentment

I was working on a project last night, while listening to Pastor Rick Warren’s podcast about a balanced life. He mentioned about “Enjoying the moment” “Enjoying the NOW” instead of enjoying life when our goals are accomplished already.

I can still recall that day that My husband and I are eating the simplest meal we had in our table- I can’t remember how it taste like, but what I can recall was our Joy in midst of that situation. I can still remember the words my husband told me  “This too shall pass, season lang ‘to”

Instead of waiting for things to be back into normal, I am thankful that we chose Joy and thankfulness during those low times in our early parenting life.


Let me share with you some of the things I believe we should consider when we want to be contented in our current situations in life.

  • Never Compare – Comparison is the thief of Joy as they say.

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Pretend Play with Little Human

Being an 80’s kid, I spent my childhood playtime in the street. I’ve pretended to be Pink Ranger, a Truck Driver, a Bride and a Teacher during our “Teacher, Teacheran play” my playmates doesn’t have any choice because I am the oldest so I am the Teacher. Haha!

In this modern era, because of video games, mobile apps, TV Shows and Internet, I can rarely see children playing street games and do pretend play. And surprisingly my two-year boy knows how to operate the iPad.

Being more intentional now, I want my little Zee to really experience childhood playtime. More than physical play like biking, running and sliding, I’ve read that pretend play is really important in every child’s development (link here)



Here are of the benefits of pretend plays:

  • Develops Creativity – because kids use their imagination during pretend plays, their creativity develops too. Even their problem-solving gifts and resourcefulness.

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Affordable Shabby Room in Tagaytay City

Busyness of Mommy Life

When you become a mom, you will appreciate a  trip to the grocery alone, a shower time without an audience, an eat-out day or the “kitchen day-off” and having your hubby give your little one a bath.

But moms, we are also human, we are not a machine, nor a battery-operated toy. We need to “pause” , “breathe” and yes, we need R.E.S.T.

“Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest.”

Exodus 34:21


Last August, our family were blessed to have a staycation in “Shabby 1943 Unit”


Shabby 1943, is located at Wind Residences in Tagaytay City! It’s only a 2-hour drive from Manila. That’s why Tagaytay City, is a perfect go-to travel vacation for families like ours, who want to say bye-bye to the busy life in the City to unplug and “Selah” or Pause for a while.

Shabby 1943 is owned by Gementera Family. The lovely couple (a photographer and a copyrighter) got married in Tagaytay City and had many beautiful moments there, that’s how personal and close Shabby 1943 unit is in their hearts and you’ll see that on how they decorated their joyful space.


What our family loved about Shabby 1943 Unit that you’ll surely love too.

  • Interior Design the room has a really “shabby” interior design, making it refreshing, joyful and so relaxing.




Little Zee enjoyin’ the Taal Lake View from Shabby Room

  • A Place like Home- you will feel as if your at your own place.

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Standing Up After A Business Failure



Standing up after a great fall is one of the hardest thing to do in life. This often happen when you’re in the business world. Being an entrepreneur requires us to take risks. And sometimes, things don’t happen and work according to what we have planned.


Naniniwala ako that everyone of us, at some point in our lives experience the painful word “FAILURE”, yung may mga  sleepless nights, anxiety attacks and so much more, let me tell you that “I -Feel- You”.


I’ve failed many times, in small simple decisions in life and of course a couple of times in business ventures.. And it is true “Ang mahal matuto sa life and lalo na sa business”

But as the Chinese Proverb says “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”.  I admit, there were days na nagpipity-party ako, naaawa sa sarili, reminiscing my past achievements, re-computing , full of “if only…” complaints…


Then.. One day, God tapped my back and said “Anak, you were born to succeed, you have My DNA, you have the right and power to achieve and be victorious, I have given you the abilities and talents to succeed in life. Move on! Move!”

And YES! Its a wake-up call! As always, God is always on-time, Those words were what I exactly needed to hear, I tend to be stagnant and stuck, full of excuses… Then that word “MOVE!” alarmed me.


Sharing with you some tips on how to move on after a business failure:


  • LET GO – We need to Let Go of our disappointments, forgive those people who’ve brought us into frustrating situation, forgive ourselves. Let Go,Let God.


  • BE GRATEFUL- Start the day with thanksgiving, stop complaining. Appreciate the things that still remains. Stop comparing your life to other people.

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7 Home-Based Business Ideas For Nanays


This month I want to blog more about mommy+preneurship.. And since I am managing a home-based business, I want to give you mommas and ladies some business ideas that you can start at the comfort of your home…

Are you a mom, a homemaker that desires to start your own business while being present and around with your child? or a wife who wants to help increase family’s income.. or do you have a hobby that you want to turn into a real business?

Let me share with you some business and/or product ideas that you can start at home:




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Affordable Mushroom “No Meat” Burger Recipe

Want to eat some burgers? Without meat? Yes! You heard it right, no meat in the patties..

The recipe is easy to cook and prepare.. I’m sure your whole family will love it too!

You will definitely won’t miss eating beef burgers after tasting this recipe.

What a guilt-free way to eat burgers right? Healthy and yum!


I am happy to share with you our new favorite family snack recipe “Mushroom Burger”




2 cans Jolly Mushrooms (finely chopped)

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 cup bread crumbs

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The Sweet Side of Nanayhood

Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs on earth.

You’ll discover a different version of who you are when you became a mom,

you’ll see a different kind of strength especially when juggling so much tasks with shorter days and longer nights timeline.

There were days when you almost forget the date and have your lunch at Five ‘o clock in the afternoon haha!

But you also know you’re a mom when that simple hug and “abyu!” (I love you) become your kryptonite…


Let me share with you mommies and I know you’ll agree that even though Motherhood is a tough job, it’s the sweetest job as well.

It is indeed a special gift and calling in a woman’s life.


Here are my favorite “sweet sides” of being a mom:

  • Lots of hugs and kisses – I got more than 20 hugs a day from my little guy. Maybe one reason why most moms look so happy (because hugging increases oxytocin bonding hormones). After a tiring day with piles of laundry and deadlines at work that simple hug will surely energize you.

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Breastfeeding: A Beautiful Memory



The Gift of Breastfeeding

This beautiful journey is not as easy as most people thought.. it is one of the bravest decisions I made in my life.. one of my meaningful goals that I am happy to achieve.. a selfless dream that I have discovered..


I am always thankful to God for His abundant supply and for designing mommy’s body to be able to make the perfect food for babies – A liquid gold. Worth more than real gold.

The Special Bond (my short letter for Zee)


My little Zee, because breastfeeding is not forever, you might wean any time soon.. Mimi and Didi wants to document our special bonding.. because I know someday, this won’t matter to you anymore. you’ll forget all of this. Atleast… I (we) can go back to this moment..

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5 Tips for BOOSTING Breast Milk Supply

Some people are amazed that I am still breastfeeding Zee (2 years & 2 months).. Some find it weird and too much… they are like “Hey! you’re still breastfeeding?”…. but there are people who ask me what am I doing to maintain my milk supply?


I am happy to share with you what worked for me and prayerfully will work to you as well:


1. Malunggay Hot Choco / Coffee – before I was a coffee addict, but caffeine can cause dehydration that will make mommy’s milk supply low. Glad that there are mompreneurs who developed choco/coffee mix for breastfeeding moms. (Mother Nurture, Kultura in SM Department Store’s Malunggay Coffee)

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Why I am thankful I started working at age 14

Yes! You read it right. I started working when I was 14 years old.

I was like…
“Wow! I’ve been working for 13 years now!” And for 13 years I’ve been exposed to different industries.. (if you wanna know how old i am, you do the math haha!) Thank God He directed me to my current career which is what I truly love.. as mommy+preneur..

When I was 14 years old, I worked as Summer Raid Representative under my uncle’s team in one of our country’s leading ice cream brand. (with my Parents’ Consent)


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D-I-Y Hand Natural Paint for toddlers

These past few days, I’ve been running out of ideas to keep my little son busy so I can cook or check my email even while he’s awake (if you’re a mompreneur or wahm you know what I mean! ?)

I am also limiting our screen time for not more than two hours a day. (Thankful that we do not have TV & Cable right now) 

I do believe in what Pablo Picasso said That every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

As parents, we have to help them bring out their creativity.


I found this recipe online and revised it a little, experiment with your little one, let him/her be messy, play and create with his/her tiny hands.

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Tips in Writing your Faith Goals


Hello January! 

Are you excited for what’s in store for you this year?
I am sure you have your plans and goals for the whole year.
This year will be a great year, another year of miracles and answered prayers..
Before our church’s annual prayer and fasting,
My husband and I created our faith goals for this year.
I am sharing with you some tips in creating an effective faith goals that we’ve learned from our mentors, books, seminars and some are based on own opinion (nag-wowork naman haha!)
Just Remember:
  • Personal – we cannot set goals for other people since we cannot dictate or control others, our goals should be individual or personal. It should be driven by our inner desire not because we want to impress, please or compete other people.
  • Specific – we should have specific goals, example is instead of “Family Vacation” it should be “3 Days Palawan Vacation with family on our wedding anniversary” you should know what you really want to achieve and pray for this year.
  • Trackable- goals should be time bound, we should set a date for each goals, so we can also track our progress. “For example, eat healthy meals and lose 5 kilos by June ” 
Some of our mentors shared that goals should be Realistic and Measurable.
We should be passionate about our goals, goals that we really desire not dictated by other people.
Goals that are align to our calling and purpose in life.
But we should also remember that when our plans fail, we shouldn’t lose hope,
And above all else, we should seek to know God more this year and everything else will fall down into its right places.
Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.
Happy Goals Setting!

(No Bake) Chocolate Cake Recipe


This method of making a cake is really easy and newbie-friendly, perfect for beginners and frustrated bakers like me :) No Oven? No problem. All you need is a steamer (rice cooker, stove top steamer) And for this recipe, I will be using Maya Chocolate Cake Mix, it’s affordable and proven really yummy! They also have butter cake mix, banana cake mix, even the Bibingka Cake Mix and a lot more… 

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Home-made Oreo Ice cream (No-machine needed)


I love Oreo and I love ice cream…
That’s why I love Cookies ‘n cream… :)

Few days ago, my little Zee saw an Ice Cream commercial and said
“Ice cream, more!” Hahaha.. Vey timely, a friend shared with me her ice cream recipe.

But I’ve revised it a bit by adding salt and vanilla extract,
but I think her ice cream looks yummier than mine haha..

This home-made recipe is perfect for holidays, you can also save 40-50% compared to local ice cream price not to mention that this can be a great family bonding plus you can also explore by using fresh fruist instead of oreos :)

Here’s how to make a no-machine and home-made Ice cream

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Recipe: Home-made “no bake” Choco Peanut Bar

This recipe has only 5 ingredients, if you love peanut butter and chocolate? This is a perfect combo! I’ve found this recipe from www.sallybakingaddicition.com, I really love her recipes. They’re easy to follow and really yummy. Are you excited to make your own Choco Peanut Bar? :) Sharing with you my version of  “home-made Reese : Butter Finger-like dessert” hehe.


This is perfect for busy moms.. like me, this recipe is so easy and quick to do :)

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Aquaria Beach Resort : Zee’s First Birthday

If you’re going to ask me and my husband what our happy place is, that would be BEACH!

So if you are looking for a resort near Manila, why not check out a new place we’ve found in Calatagan, Batangas :)


My husband proposed to me at the beach (Matabungkay, Batangas) ,

we exchanged our vows in a beach too (Laiya, San Juan Batangas).

Then, we celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary still at the beach (Boracay, Aklan)

And since our Baby Zee turned ONE last May 28, 2014, we’ve decided to celebrate it in a beach.  hehe :)


Then we saw AQUARIA BEACH RESORT online,  a new beach resort in Playa, Calatagan, Batangas. It is part of Playa Calatagan’s Leisure Tourism Estate developed by Landco. From Manila travel time is 3 hours.



Here’s their admission rates for non unit owner:
inclusion: pool usage, beach and shower

Adult – PHP 400

Child (4ft tall) – PHP 200

The Birthday Boy wearing his PERSONALIZED B-day Details Shirts from Tiny Thinkies :)


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D.I.Y First Birthday Photoshoot

It was not a bright sunny day, but still, we’ve decided to have a “Fun Shoot” for Baby Zee’s First Birthday Invitation and for a mom’s purpose of documenting every first of her son.

Things needed:

  1. Camera (We used our photobooth DSLR)
  2. Props (We used Balloons, Chalkboard Facts about Zee, Outfit sets for baby)
  3. Nice and Near Venue (Taken at Luneta, Manila City)
  4. Assistant (my sister, Rina)
  5. Stylist (yours truly hihi ^^)
  6. Photographer (didi “daddy”)
  7. Subject (Baby Zee – the birthday boy!)

Total Savings:

PHP 4,000 (Outside studio photo shoot cost around PHP 5,000, but since we ate dinner, pay the entrance {Children’s Playground}, gasoline and toll fees expenses we have around PHP 1,000 expenses that day, not bad.. right?)

Here are some tips if you’re planning to have a DIY photoshoot with your little one:

It is important to determine his happy time :)

zee2 zee3

You don’t need to be a photo shop savvy, there are many photo editing websites now :)

zee4 zeee

zee7 don’t forget to have fun :) let your little one enjoy the moment and explore the world..


I love this set (but sad that its kinda blurred) 

use cute props

And don’t forget to have a family portrait..


Oopps.. and have a “theme” In our case, our concept is COLORS + Nature :)

Sharing with you this quote that I’ve read before:

 “You don’t capture photograph, you make” :)

“Celebrate Life, Today is Special”  Psalm 118:24


Roasted Rosemary Chicken Recipe


Aside from being a business addict and being a hands-on mom,

I also love cooking. I am so thankful to received my first “Philips Airfryer” from Philips Philippines as a token for being one of the Philip’s Avent 30 Circle of Moms.

Sharing my first recipe post and my first dish using the Philips Airfryer.

It’s easy, quick and very tasty :) Perfect for on-the-go busy mommas..


“Roasted Rosemary Chicken”



1 whole chicken

1 onion (quartered)

spring onions

1-2 tbsp. rosemary (fresh or dried)

1 tsp. salt & pepper

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Top 10 Reasons of Choosing to Breastfeed


There are many people who kept on asking me, why I choose to breastfeed?
I am mompreneur and I have a busy schedule… how come I still choose to breastfeed?

Sharing with you my top reasons why I choose to breastfeed:
(And surely you’ll love it too)

“I choose to breastfeed because….”

1) I believe BREAST MILK is a gift from God, its a free gift and precious, I value every gift from above.

2) It makes me feel a Super Mom. (in today’s modern life, some people think breastfeeding is old-fashioned, but I believe modern and young moms can breastfeed too.)

3) Breast milk is made of antibodies, an immune system booster that can protect our babies from viruses and sickness. (it is proven that breastfed babies have stronger immune system)

4) The future effect on babies. Breastfed babies often are more intelligent, and less prone to obesity and more..

5) Helps mommy lose weight fast – I am still a chubby mommy, but breastfeeding as per studies can burn 500 calories per day ( I wonder how big I am now if I didn’t breastfeed? Haha)

6) Breast milk is organic and 100% natural. (I am pro-organic and natural products)

7) Breastfeeding can save money (no expenses for formula milk and mineral water)

8) Breastfeeding fits an on-the-go mom like me.

9) Breastfeeding help mommies be cancer free! (studies shows that nursing moms are less likely to have cancer – the more years the mommy breastfeeds, the longer she is less at risk of having cancer)

10) Breastfeeding is love… It has that special bonding magic between mommy and her baby..

For more information about breastfeeding:

You may check this link:


add Breastfeeding Pinays Group on your facebook

Top 10 Things that changed after having a child



Its been 12 months since I gave birth. And since then, my everyday life became more meaningful.

With every new things that my baby is discovering it seems my everyday is a surprise.

I just want to share my top 10 things that changed after having a child.

And I’m sure most newbie moms like me can relate too! (wink*)

1) Body Figure it is common for women to gain weight (lots of weight, actually, haha) during and after pregnancy. Stretchmarks are now normal and not just a sign of stretched skin but a battle scar.

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When to Start & When to Stop

As a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) without a helper or a house companion it is really challenging to balance time from being a hands-on mom, wife and a mompreneur..

But this devotion from Joyce Meyer brightened my day.
I saw this devotion screen shot on my close friend’s facebook wall.
(Jenesis Paredes,hehe)

Sharing this to all people who are always cramming, exhausted with so many tasks and people like me, a mom always praying for inner peace because of round-the-clock responsibilities..

It is true, we should learn when to start and when to stop..
And learn to rely on God’s timing in terms of our career breakthroughs, miracles, dreams and plans in life..

“God is never early, never too late, He is always on time”

Still praying for a well balanced life and effective time management :)
Go multitasking moms and people! We can do this!


Gift Packaging for a Cause


Ilang araw nalang Pasko na mga mommies! Kung wala pa kayong gift wrappers, gusto ko i-share sainyo bakit Hallmark gift wrappers ang ginamit namin this season. Bring love and joy this Christmas through Hallmark x 7-Eleven’s holiday collaboration The air … Continue reading 

Save time and money ordering your wipes and home toiletries

Untitled design (3)

  Many moms, especially those who don’t have household helpers like me, would relate that it is a better option to do shopping or groceries online than going out to the markets or department stores. Especially for moms who don’t … Continue reading