Financial Steps to be a “Stay-At-Home-Mom”

Mar 29, 2019 | Family & Life, Featured, Money Matters

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Being a mother requires a lot of sacrifices. I can say it is indeed the toughest job in the world.

I am a career oriented person, people often labeled me “workaholic” and “raketera” before.

I also did not have any plans on giving up our small business that time, until my little one arrives and everything changed.


Everything changed.. my priorities, my aspirations in life, my figure (haha!) but kidding aside, my decision to hire a helper and maid changed when I saw my son. One of the most courageous decisions I ever made in life is to be a stay-at-home and hands-on mom to my son.

But choosing to stay at home and leave a corporate job or close a business is not an easy decision especially in the area of “finance” mommies.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Alen Lakein

This famous quotation is somewhat true especially from being a working mom who adds to the family income montly to a full-time home maker. Inays, you need to pray a lot about it, ask for tips and wisdom from people who’ve been there.

Sharing with you mommies some of the financial steps a working mom can do in preparation to be a stay at home mom:


  1. Discuss your decision with your spouse 

Being a stay at home mom is a big decision in a family especially when mommy shares a lot in the family’s budget. That’s why it is important to discuss it with your husband, ask for his inputs, weigh the disadvantages and advantages of being a stay at home mom and decide together. Pray as a couple for God’s direction.

I remember one advice we got as a couple from a financial coach, “as a new couple, try to live on your husband’s income alone, so when the baby comes, it will not be hard for you to leave your career”

We failed to follow this advice. So if you’re a newlywed wife reading this blog, you might want to consider that financial advice.

  1. Re-evaluate your family’s spending 

Check what categories you can cost-cut in order to afford living on one income alone, we cannot maintain the same lifestyle considering portion of the income will be removed from our family’s monthly budget.

  1. Have a clear plan for when your a stay-at-home mom already

Are you planning to be a full time mom? Or do you have plans to work from home or start a small online business? Try to build your portfolio or business before resigning from your work.

But make sure to know your “whys”, your reason why you wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. If your main reason is to give your kids more time, having a full time job at home and running a business is also time consuming.

Our actions should lead us closer to our goals.

  1. Test the plan for few months

Try to live within your husband’s income for two to three months before resigning. Imagine that you’re already a stay at home mom. The actual financial scenario can make it easier for you adjust and adopt to new changes.

  1. Welcome to SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) life!

After saving your target amount, trying to live on your adjusted income, and coming up with a plan, it is time to set sail to being a stay at home mom.

Mommies, don’t be surprised to many changed of plans, don’t be frustrated if things will not happen exactly on how you plan it. Continue to pray for God’s grace and guidance. As they say, if Plan A didn’t work the alphabet still have 25 letters left.

Plus it also takes faith, to step out to the unknown, yung hindi tayo prepared para hindi tayo mag-rely sa strength natin kundi sa grace lang ni Lord.

Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean we are better than working moms. I know it’s not easier in any way considering the sacrifice of being away from your little ones most of the time. It’s just a matter of priorities for us moms and I think there is nothing wrong especially if it’s the best for our families. After all, we all have different situations. Like they say, Different strokes for different folks.

Enjoy being a full time momma!  Your sacrifice is all worth it!


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  1. Love Compoc

    aww gusto ko yang the alphabet still have 25 letters left. I wish i read this before, ung transition is medyo need talaga adjustments but yeah apir sa change ng figure lol .
    This is really helpful, for sahms like me wd 3kids, i have set plans of working soon pero at home lang perhaps kapag medyo big na si bunso. I must say worth it naman sahm 100 %. Actually it was hubby who pushed me to be sahm and am glad he thinks that way kasi eldest had troubles sa behaviour before and timely i got pregnant after 5 yrs kaya i resigned narin to fully bfeed si 2nd and now after 2 yrs may 3rd baby nako. Thanks Mommy sa helpful tips


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