Money Matters: 5 Money Lessons for Toddlers

Both my husband and I came from families who doesn’t involve us in “money matters”.

Growing up, we just learned some of our money management skills from work, workshops, books and sad to say most from mistakes and “charge to experience” life circumstances.

That’s why one of our desires is to raise our son, who will someday be the Provider of the family – a father, to be a moneywise kid.

We believe it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children their needed “life skills” and financial management is one of these.



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Grocery Shopping Tipid Hacks

“Hala! Nag-over budget ako!” Are these words part of your post-battle cry everytime you do the grocery? Can you also relate to emotional buying as I do? Anghirap humindi kay hubby or sa kids kapag may pinapabili sila sa groceries…

May mga instances pa nga before na yung bibilhin ko talaga ang hindi ko nabili. But on our journey to living a simple and practical life (or should I say tipid living) we’ve discovered our mistakes and some techniques that helped us save from our grocery expenses.

Food Photography-2


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Simple ways to cost cut and save more this year

One of the top goals of most moms this year is to save more. There are many money challenges posted online and I’m one of those interested moms who wanted to give it a try.

But if you are not earning “more” this year, paano makakahulog sa Money Challenge? Especially for most housewives na wala naman sweldo? How can we cost cut so we can save from our current budget?



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Money & Marriage : Money lessons for newly weds

Money issues is one of the top reasons why many couples call it quits.

It may be because of inability to provide, some face conflict in sharing their wealth, while others simply do not have enough time to flourish their marriage because they’re both busy making a living and as they say, they forget about living.



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Budgeting : The Freelancer’s Way

“Freelancers” when people hears about this job title, the first thing that comes to our mind is “freedom”.

Being freelancers and self-employed allowed our family to always be together, as in, everyday, have a vacation on a weekday (mas mura ang accommodation rates) , play with our child while having a lunch break from work which is just few inches away from our sofa haha!

But included in the package of being freelancers is the “inconsistent income flow” or should I say “irregular income” though some freelancers are hired as full time employee receiving a fix monthly salary, there are also freelancers like us, who get paid “project-based”.


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Health & Life Insurance : Rethink the way you knew it

If there’s one thing sure about life, that is Death. There’s a time to be born and a time to die..

In the Philippines, its a taboo topic. Almost all of Filipinos won’t talk about it. As Coach Aya said, we are a happy ethnic or race that even after facing calamities as a country we remain positive about life. Most of us don’t want to talk about problems that much and maybe that’s why we are not comfortable with topics like Health & Life Insurance.

These topics are subjects that we always put on hold and inside a box.

Only few Filipinos have health and life insurance, that’s why it is a common scenario in our country that a child becomes an instant bread winner after a love one’s death and relatives become in debt because of hospital expenses.


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How selling pre-loved baby items helped us open a mutual fund?


I was moved by this story that I’ve shared on my previous post (link here) So I began checking our idle resources.


As a newbie mom, I love buying cute items for my son when he was still a baby, being a first time parent, I’m always excited to get something new for him.

But since babies grew up so fast, many of his clothes doesn’t fit him anymore, he is not into rattles nor play gym now so even outgrew his baby toys and books.

Until I thought of selling his pre-loved baby items online – in a mommy’s Facebook group and in buy & sell websites. 


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Important things to know about DEBT


Is there any season in your life that your earnings for this month is not already yours?  Because even before it goes to your bank account, it already belong to someone else.. sad part is it’s not even your spouse but Creditors.

My husband and I experienced that, bad debt is bondage, it causes us a huge amount of stress.

But how did we acquire debts?

1. We buy things before earning most commonly in the form of “credit card debt” – we thought our income will remain at its peak and we kept on buying new stuff for our newborn Zee that time, but when I decided to become a fulltime mom and be on business hiatus, our income dropped real low and we couldn’t pay the full amount of our bill and ended up acquiring compound interest.

2. Became a guarantor – a very big mistake on our part, we borrowed money for other people’s emergency. Since we are the one who borrowed for them the moment they cannot pay, we don’t have a choice but pay for it to protect our integrity because we believe that having integrity is better than material riches.

3.   Lack of income – we loss our emergency fund when my husband’s job went off-season and as I’ve mentioned earlier I was on a business leave and our businesses didn’t operate well when I was not around – another mistake that I wasn’t able to duplicate myself well. 

That’s why 2 years ago, we’ve decided to change our lifestyle or should I say we are forced to change it.
(Less eat-out, no more cable tv, living with less and eating “tipid” meals)


Last September 17, Sunlife Brighterlife Institute hosted a course about “Debt” and the trainer was none other than Mr. Aya Laya, the man behind “Pesos & Sense”, He is a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment Company representative, a realtor, and a writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia. (credits to Pesos and Sense Website)

I am happy to share with you my take home learning from the workshop about Debt.

“Important things we should know about Debt” :

Debt is simply the use of other people’s money. Debt is not actually a negative thing. Debt can be used as a tool to make our financial life comfortable.

Coach Aya Laya  discussed the two kinds of debts, Good and Bad Debt. Yes you heard it right, there’s such thing as good debt.

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