Why choose a reliable financial advisor?

Sep 7, 2021 | Money Matters

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Like many people, I’ve also had my fair share of not-so-good experiences with financial advisors. Some, after closing the deal, can no longer be reached or will be hard to contact. 

That’s why I became extra mindful now in choosing our financial planners or advisors. 

Here are some of our learnings in choosing the right financial advisors for your family: 

1. Choose someone you know –  

Your financial advisor should be someone you know or at least someone who is credible enough. That someone should be there for you in times that you might need your insurance or investment. 

2. Choose someone with a good reputation 

It is okay to do some background checks or look for feedback about an advisor’s service or performance. We need someone we can trust.

3. Someone who cares for you more than his or her sales quota  

During your meeting with any FA, you can really feel if they are just after closing the deal or are really concerned about your financial status. I really appreciate that some of the FAs we have now are not just concerned about our investment or insurance policies, but they are also concerned about our personal lives. 

That’s why I am thankful that Sun Life, one of the well-known financial institutions in the country always keeps their clients’ welfare in mind. They recently launched their new campaign dubbed “Part of Your Life, Partner for Life.”

Indeed, the role of a Financial Advisor is more than just a sales agent, but they are a part of a client’s life. It is not transactional but relational. 

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I am a believer in insurance and I agree that choosing the right financial advisor plays a big part in it.

If you do not know someone who fits your criteria, you may check out bit.ly/advisormatch so you can connect to one of Sun Life’s advisors. #SunLifePartnerforLife


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