Sino ba dapat ang mag-budget? Si Mister or Misis?

Si Mister or si Misis? I am sure natanong nyo na ito Mommies.  Sino ba talaga ang dapat na mag-budget? Mag-handle ng payment sa bills? In short, who should handle the family’s finance in every home?

Magandang question yan mommies. Because it means you are trying to build a system for your finance at home.

Sino dapat ang mag-budget?

Tara! Let’s help figure out who should be the one managing the finances in our home.

Let’s honestly answer the following questions…


Who manages the money better? Si hubby or si wifey?

Sino ang mas may discipline and control? Si hubby or si wifey?

Who knows how to plan and budget more? Si hubby or si wifey?

Sino ang mas magaling mag stick sa budget? Si hubby or si wifey?


Yes mommies, it doesn’t matter kung sino sainyo, as long as yung discipline, control, planning and budgeting traits ay nasa kanya.

In some cases, si hubby ang mas may ganitong skills. Hindi palaging ang wife ang mas marunong sa budgeting. That’s why it is really important in every family to know the strength and weaknesses of each member. So we can work as a team.


And did you also know that money issues ang top reasons why couples end up in divorce or annulment? So by having unity and agreement in family finance and who should be the one handling it, we are also protecting our marriages and our families.


But wait, what if none of the above? Wala kahit sino sainyong dalawa? The answer is..

Learn together! Enroll in workshops about family finance, invest on good books, free na rin mag-research online or talk to a mentor or financial coach. Grow together as a couple.


Not because none of you knows how to handle money better, doesn’t mean, you should stop handling money the right way. Give up nalang? That should never be an option.

And at the end of the day, either who manages the finance in the family, it should all come into an agreement and there’s should always be a transparency as a couple.

Never decide on something without consulting your partner. Always decide as a couple.

So if walang marunong mag-manage, Learn together and Grow together.


Sabi nga, “Huwag mahihiya mag tanong” di ba?

“The secret of change is not on fighting the old but building the new” – Socrates

“Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22



9 thoughts on “Sino ba dapat ang mag-budget? Si Mister or Misis?

  1. I think whoever is more capable. Lets face it not everyone is knows how to manage expenses. What I think is a more trivial issue is should you pool your incone together. Personally I think family income should be pooled together fot better budgetting. I think everything should be transparent, esp apportioning.

  2. From experience, I believe the one to do the budget is the person who can make prudent decision and sound judgment. The one who can truly make a saving out of even the most meager salary available.

  3. sa aming dalawa, ako yung magaling mag budget. What is good about our partnership, tanggap ni hubby na ako yung mas magaling humawak ng pera kaya sa akin niya ipinagkakatiwala. Yun ang importante, na may prior agreement.

  4. Mas magaling mag budget si husband kesa sa’kin pero ako nagha handle ng pera namin kasi sa dami nyang ginagawa di na nya maasikaso yun. I read financial books to help me do it. Thankfully sa tingin ko gumagaling na naman ako dahil di na kami affected ng petsa de peligro :)

  5. When we were both working, may kanya-kanya kaming pera and we just contribute kung ano yung share namin like bills and tuition for him, tapos groceries naman sa akin. Now that isang income na lang kami, ako na tiga-budget :)

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