5 Ways How Traveling Changed Our Family

“Oh that’s a starfish mimi..” says my son on our beach get-away.

“Tap.. tap.. tap.. We’re going to fly didi!” his words on his first airplane ride.

Seeing how our son enjoyed every second of our trips made our hearts full as parents.


Since my husband and I became parents, we’ve decided to invest on “experience” rather than on “material gifts” to our son.

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Business: One day or Day One?

As most of my friends know, we are currently on a business hiatus, but after attending the workshop last week entitled Let’s Get Down To Business, I felt like the “pause” button alarmed.


With the Ladies of Fulfilled women community

With the Ladies of Fulfilled women community

The speaker, Mr. Francis Miranda, (yes, He is also a Miranda, How I wish nga that He is my Kuya para free ang mentoring (haha!) but guys, we are not related) kidding aside, Mr.Francis, ended his corporate career as COO and Vice President of Ad Agencies handling our country’s top brands – e.g Coca Cola, Cebu Pacific and a lot more.

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Fun and Budget-friendly Summer Workshop at Mcdonald’s

Summer time… children’s most favourite season, a time to make new memories and learn new skills.

Summer is also the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that!



Now on its 25th year, (yes! they are the longest running summer workshop) McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is McDonald’s flagship family program that gives kids an opportunity to:

  • experience in-store restaurant training
  • learn time-tested values such as teamwork
  • hard work
  • discipline
  • responsibility
  • sharing

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Baby Company “All Things Baby Sale”

Being first-time parents, my husband and I have many questions and concerns about my pregnancy and parenting. The things we need for my pregnancy journey, newborn care, breastfeeding, “tamang kain”, milestone checklists and parenting tips.

During those times, it was really a big help to to have one place where you can find all the baby stuff you need.

That’s exactly what I love about Baby Company. They have carefully curated trusted brands and products, which for every newbie parents (most especially for moms who just gave birth) is a big help in making our shopping for our little one’s essentials easy and convenient. Making it a one-stop-shop for our baby’s needs.



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Family Travel: Barrio Living at Barangay Tingloy (Masasa Beach)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and near Manila White Sand Beach, Masasa Beach located at Tingloy, Batangas is a great place for you.





We are so blessed to explore Masasa Beach bago pa sya maging crowded. We spent two days of Simple Living in Barangay Tingloy.

Sobrang Raw and Authentic Beauty of Nature, Masasa Beach is indeed one of the hidden gems of Batangas.



“Hello Cow!” -Zee

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Badanamu – a new way of learning

The early years of childhood is very important in a child’s development, as most experts says, these crucial years will have a big impact in their lives – health, emotional, self-esteem and intellectual aspects. 

That’s why as much as possible we wanted to be intentional parents most especially on these early stage of our son’s life. We are great fans of “learning through play” I’m happy that Mommy Bloggers Philippines introduced us to Badanamu Team in the Philippines.



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