A Delicious “DIPScovery” with Lady’s Choice®

anila 2017 – The thriving food-scene in the Philippines welcomes the rise of luxe drink concoctions, fushion dishes and creative and fun food-pairings fresh off the menu in restaurants that Filipinos are always on the look-out for. With Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines’ vision to help improve the Filipino dining scene, it stirs up exciting ways to transform a simple dish by pairing it with tasty and mouthwatering dips that chefs and cooks can recreate with just one key ingredient – Lady’s Choice® Real Mayonnaise


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Mom’s Day Out : A “Queen-like” Pampering Experience

We women, love to wear many hats all at the same time. As for me, being a hands-on mom to Zee, doing household chores, running a small business and managing a blog is not easy.

I know moms can relate to that feeling of
“Wow 9:00am na, tulog pa sila! Yehey!”

Because that means… extra time for yourself, for some really quiet moment, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a real “hot” cup of coffee, an extra 5 minutes in the shower and time to answer emails and messages.. but these scenes only happen once in a blue moon..



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We chose to homeschool our Pre-K

Since Zee was born, a lot of parents have been approaching us and telling us the beauty of homeschooling, we nod and smile but at the back of my mind I was like, “hmm..  sounds great but maybe it won’t work for our family”…


Hay.. akala namin mas madali na kapag schooling age. We were wrong. Another chapter pala sya ng parenthood (hehe!)


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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Biggest Grand Graduation

June 3, 2017, Manila, Philippines – The World Trade Centre in Pasay City was a vision in red and white racing stripes as participants of the country’s biggest summer workshop for kids came together for the Manila let of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation.


It was a two-day affair attended by kids around the Metro, who were just some of the proud Kiddie Crew graduates who spent their summer with Kiddie Crew.

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Money Matters: 5 Money Lessons for Toddlers

Both my husband and I came from families who doesn’t involve us in “money matters”.

Growing up, we just learned some of our money management skills from work, workshops, books and sad to say most from mistakes and “charge to experience” life circumstances.

That’s why one of our desires is to raise our son, who will someday be the Provider of the family – a father, to be a moneywise kid.

We believe it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children their needed “life skills” and financial management is one of these.



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Mommy Finds | Belo Baby “Talc-free” Baby Powder

Heat surely rises during summer season and a good baby powder should always come in handy cause our babies and little ones are more prone to excessive sweating or “pawis” this season.

My Zeeboy is not used to baby powder because of so many controversies related to usage of baby powder made of “talc”, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the issue  mommies on how a talcum powder was linked to cancer. 

So Mindful and Pro-Natural Mommies, I’m happy to share with you Belo Baby’s newest product, just in time for this super hot season, the “Belo Baby’s Talc-free powder”



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Affordable Finds at Baby Company

Mommies, when do you usually shop for your little one’s items? do you have a habit of checking his milestones and look for items that suits his or her current stage? or do you also do an inventory of your child’s baby essentials regularly?

I usually make a list of Zee’s items to remind me of the things we need to replenish, but when “momnesia” strikes, there were days like “hala, wala na palang diaper and wipes?!” (hehe!)


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Ogalala Kidspirations | “Kids who inspire other kids”

Babies didn’t come with a manual, as a first-time mom, I appreciate mommies who shared their knowledge, discoveries and helpful tips to other moms.



I’m also thankful to mommy groups established online wherein moms learn from each other and ask for an advice from group members. Thank you so much Internet!

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5 Ways How Traveling Changed Our Family

“Oh that’s a starfish mimi..” says my son on our beach get-away.

“Tap.. tap.. tap.. We’re going to fly didi!” his words on his first airplane ride.

Seeing how our son enjoyed every second of our trips made our hearts full as parents.


Since my husband and I became parents, we’ve decided to invest on “experience” rather than on “material gifts” to our son.

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