How to make a DIY Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are so so cute and eye-catching piece for birthdays, weddings and other events or celebrations.

Not to mention, the fun and excitement for guests with sweet tooth like me :)

Last summer, we’ve celebrated Zee’s first birthday but instead of hiring someone to provide the candy buffet, I’ve tried creating one with hubby’s help…

I am so happy that I am blessed with a creative partner who never fails to support me in my “kaartehan” haha..

Ooopss.. this is also cute for Christmas Parties or for Christmas Eve’s celebration..

and now, I am sharing with you some tips in setting-up your own candy buffet :)


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Affordable Vaccines: Jacob’s Ladder Immunization Center


Hello there mommies and daddies!

I know one of the most expensive part of having a baby is the “Vaccine Time”

I am thankful for a mommy friend who told me about this establishment named “Jacob’s Ladder Immunization Center”

Their rates are much affordable compared to other providers.

As a practical mom, I’ve availed free vaccines from health center because our health center in Las Pinas City is clean and near our house in Las Pinas, but since some of the vaccines are no longer available, its time for us to check out Jacob’s Ladder
(but we’re still availing other vaccines to Zee’s pediatrician)

The place is accessible (Located along the road)


They are open Mondays to Saturdays



Friendly clinic assistant and Doctor – the pediatrician even did “Baby well check-up”
which is a surprise because we just went there for vaccination. I even asked him about Zee’s allergies and he patiently answered my queries.

The vaccine rates are 200 and up cheaper from other providers
(Big savings for mommies like us)



TIP: Better Call or Text them in advance before visiting their clinic to be sure that your desired vaccine is available on stock :)




 Main Branch: 525 Puso ng Maynila Arcade, U.N. Ave., cor Mabini St., Ermita Manila
Landmark: in front of Mayfair Tower along U.N. Ave.

Las Piñas: 2/F D’ Grand Bldg., Alabang-Zapote Rd., Las Piñas City
Landmark: in between Meralco and UPH (TIMES)

Cavite: LGF Robinsons (Pala-pala), Dasmariñas City

To know more about Jacobs Ladder Immunization center:

Top 10 Reasons of Choosing to Breastfeed


There are many people who kept on asking me, why I choose to breastfeed?
I am mompreneur and I have a busy schedule… how come I still choose to breastfeed?

Sharing with you my top reasons why I choose to breastfeed:
(And surely you’ll love it too)

“I choose to breastfeed because….”

1) I believe BREAST MILK is a gift from God, its a free gift and precious, I value every gift from above.

2) It makes me feel a Super Mom. (in today’s modern life, some people think breastfeeding is old-fashioned, but I believe modern and young moms can breastfeed too.)

3) Breast milk is made of antibodies, an immune system booster that can protect our babies from viruses and sickness. (it is proven that breastfed babies have stronger immune system)

4) The future effect on babies. Breastfed babies often are more intelligent, and less prone to obesity and more..

5) Helps mommy lose weight fast – I am still a chubby mommy, but breastfeeding as per studies can burn 500 calories per day ( I wonder how big I am now if I didn’t breastfeed? Haha)

6) Breast milk is organic and 100% natural. (I am pro-organic and natural products)

7) Breastfeeding can save money (no expenses for formula milk and mineral water)

8) Breastfeeding fits an on-the-go mom like me.

9) Breastfeeding help mommies be cancer free! (studies shows that nursing moms are less likely to have cancer – the more years the mommy breastfeeds, the longer she is less at risk of having cancer)

10) Breastfeeding is love… It has that special bonding magic between mommy and her baby..

For more information about breastfeeding:

You may check this link:


add Breastfeeding Pinays Group on your facebook

Top 10 Things that changed after having a child



Its been 12 months since I gave birth. And since then, my everyday life became more meaningful.

With every new things that my baby is discovering it seems my everyday is a surprise.

I just want to share my top 10 things that changed after having a child.

And I’m sure most newbie moms like me can relate too! (wink*)

1) Body Figure it is common for women to gain weight (lots of weight, actually, haha) during and after pregnancy. Stretchmarks are now normal and not just a sign of stretched skin but a battle scar.

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