How to make a DIY Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are so so cute and eye-catching piece for birthdays, weddings and other events or celebrations. Not to mention, the fun and excitement for guests with sweet tooth like me 🙂 Last summer, we've celebrated Zee's first birthday but instead of hiring someone...

Top 10 Reasons of Choosing to Breastfeed

There are many people who kept on asking me, why I choose to breastfeed? I am mompreneur and I have a busy schedule... how come I still choose to breastfeed? Sharing with you my top reasons why I choose to breastfeed: (And surely you'll love it too)...

Top 10 Things that changed after having a child

  Its been 12 months since I gave birth. And since then, my everyday life became more meaningful. With every new things that my baby is discovering it seems my everyday is a surprise. I just want to share my top 10 things that changed after having a child. And...

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