How to make a DIY Candy Buffet

Dec 11, 2014 | Family & Life

Candy Buffets are so so cute and eye-catching piece for birthdays, weddings and other events or celebrations.

Not to mention, the fun and excitement for guests with sweet tooth like me 🙂

Last summer, we’ve celebrated Zee’s first birthday but instead of hiring someone to provide the candy buffet, I’ve tried creating one with hubby’s help…

I am so happy that I am blessed with a creative partner who never fails to support me in my “kaartehan” haha..

Ooopss.. this is also cute for Christmas Parties or for Christmas Eve’s celebration..

and now, I am sharing with you some tips in setting-up your own candy buffet 🙂


How to make or set-up your own candy buffet:

1) Have a theme or concept – what’s the celebration? the main color or theme of the event, you can determine the cups or party favor bags’ color, candy shades and colors, backdrop design once you already have the theme and concept.

2) Work within a budget- set your target budget and work within the amount, candy buffet can still be fun without spending too much

3) Apothecary Jars- we’ve bought jars from the department store, we invested on the jars, because our family loves celebrations, we wanted to set-up simple candy buffet in every parties or events 🙂 but you can also use paper cups, pop corn cups as alternative to jars, there are also Jars available in Divisoria, Manila wherein price starts at 100/jar

4) Candy Labels and Ribbon- candy labels and ribbon add colors and creativity to your candy buffet, don’t forget to stick to your theme, there are many printables available online, or just download cute fonts to create your labels. (My husband designed the labels for Zee’s candy buffet)

5) Candy Scoops – we had a hard time looking for scoopers, and we ended up using flour scoopers 🙂 we’ve added ribbon to cover the measurement guide, but I believe scoopers are also locally available. You’ll be needing atleast 2 scoopers.

Caleb's Birthday (same jars,candies and layout but different color theme) :)

Caleb’s Birthday (same jars,candies and layout but different color theme) 🙂

6) Candies – we just bought candies from the nearest grocery store in our area, we’ve used: marshmallows, gold coins, peanut bars, chocolate balls, gummies, choco wafer sticks 🙂 if you have a higher budget, you can use imported chocolates like M&M’s and kisses..

7) Decoration- candy buffets are cute when it comes with a backdrop, I’ve used a simple polka dots banner, which I just bought from a Book Store, you can also download free printable banners online, we’ve added a chalkboard facts about Zee, Paper mache of the letters Z-E-E, a picture frame with a sweet saying “Grab a cup and get some treats, always remember Life is Sweet” {I will give a free printable for this one,so soon}, DIY Pompoms, flowers, pinwheels will also add fun!

8) Party loot bags or cups – choose a cup or loot bags that will also complement your theme


Let me know your other ideas and suggestions. Happy Styling!



  1. Jhanis

    Nice! Excited to try this for my daughter’s birthday! 🙂

  2. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I so love the jars! I’m going to make this for my kids, soon. 🙂

    • Gracie Maulion

      Excited for you! Promise, super fun mag-ayos ng candy buffet mommy 🙂

  3. gabby

    hi, nice candy buffet.

    I am looking for apothecary/candy jars with covers and all, can you please tell me which particular mall did you buy yours?

    very much interested.




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