Top 10 Reasons of Choosing to Breastfeed

May 24, 2014 | Mommy Finds


There are many people who kept on asking me, why I choose to breastfeed?
I am mompreneur and I have a busy schedule… how come I still choose to breastfeed?

Sharing with you my top reasons why I choose to breastfeed:
(And surely you’ll love it too)

“I choose to breastfeed because….”

1) I believe BREAST MILK is a gift from God, its a free gift and precious, I value every gift from above.

2) It makes me feel a Super Mom. (in today’s modern life, some people think breastfeeding is old-fashioned, but I believe modern and young moms can breastfeed too.)

3) Breast milk is made of antibodies, an immune system booster that can protect our babies from viruses and sickness. (it is proven that breastfed babies have stronger immune system)

4) The future effect on babies. Breastfed babies often are more intelligent, and less prone to obesity and more..

5) Helps mommy lose weight fast – I am still a chubby mommy, but breastfeeding as per studies can burn 500 calories per day ( I wonder how big I am now if I didn’t breastfeed? Haha)

6) Breast milk is organic and 100% natural. (I am pro-organic and natural products)

7) Breastfeeding can save money (no expenses for formula milk and mineral water)

8) Breastfeeding fits an on-the-go mom like me.

9) Breastfeeding help mommies be cancer free! (studies shows that nursing moms are less likely to have cancer – the more years the mommy breastfeeds, the longer she is less at risk of having cancer)

10) Breastfeeding is love… It has that special bonding magic between mommy and her baby..

For more information about breastfeeding:

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