How to start an online business?Β 

How to start an online business?Β 

We moms, are the number one fans of online selling, we love shopping online for our little ones needs. From clothing, medicine and party supplies, name it! we can find it online. And maybe you're one of those moms who are thinking of starting your own online business...

Business: One day or Day One?

As most of my friends know, we are currently on a business hiatus, but after attending the workshop last week entitled Let's Get Down To Business, I felt like theΒ "pause" button alarmed.   The speaker, Mr. Francis Miranda, (yes, He is also a Miranda, How I wish...

The Art of Prioritizing

The Art of Prioritizing

Simplifying and having the right "priorities" this year. These are the common goals of many people - especially working moms.Β  And I am not an exception, I am one of them who wants to stick to my priorities in life and just love a much simplified life. I've noticed...

Standing Up After A Business Failure

  Standing up after a great fall is one of the hardest thing to do in life. This often happen when you're in the business world. Being an entrepreneur requires us to take risks. And sometimes, things don't happen and work according to what we have planned.  ...

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