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5 Ways How Traveling Changed Our Family

"Oh that's a starfish mimi.." says my son on our beach get-away. "Tap.. tap.. tap.. We're going to fly didi!" his words on his first airplane ride. Seeing how our son enjoyed every second of our trips made our hearts full as parents. Since my husband and I became...

5 Benefits of Family Travel

Traveling as family is one of our family activities each year. It is a "must" in our family, its like a yearly tradition during our wedding anniversary and our child's birthday. But why do we love to travel? Why do we have to cut down on other expenses so we can save...

How To Have a Budget-friendly Family Travel?

How To Have a Budget-friendly Family Travel?

Hello Loves! Few days ago we celebrated our 3 years of team work in parenthood in a Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas (It has been our family tradition to visit differentย beaches whenever we have special occasions in our small family) It is our way to switch...

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