5 Benefits of Family Travel

Oct 19, 2016 | Family & Life, Mommy Finds


Traveling as family is one of our family activities each year.

It is a “must” in our family, its like a yearly tradition during our wedding anniversary and our child’s birthday.

But why do we love to travel? Why do we have to cut down on other expenses so we can save for our yearly trip?

Because we believe it is beneficial for our family.

Here are some benefits of family travel:

1. Making Memories

We believe that we are to celebrate life, in simple and exciting ways, in our family, traveling is our way to celebrate occasions, We believe that our son is in his stage of building his “core memories” we wanted to fill it with love, laughter, experiences and memories of our travel..




2. Be totally present

We must admit that we are busy juggling our life as parents who works from home. We can see the joy of disconnecting when we travel. I can communicate well to my husband and to my child; the so called “undivided attention”. We have a family rule that whenever we travel as much as possible no cellphones are allowed.

3. Experience New Things Together

We love experiencing things together as family, traveling lets us experience our “firsts” together – first airplane ride, first boat experience, first wave-boarding and a lot of new cuisines, new places. We also love chatting with local people whenever we travel, unintentionally it trains our child to be sociable and develop his interpersonal skills.

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4. Traveling is good for the health

Whenever we travel, we always look forward to spend our quiet time with God as family in front of the ocean, with salt in the air and singing birds as our background music. Traveling as proven by science also has health benefits.


5. Traveling is worth every cost

Being a frugal mom, I double check everything before I buy it, but traveling never made me feel guilty (of course with a well planned budgeting plan for it)



If you’ll ask me now about the  gifts I received when I was a child, I can remember some but not all and it doesn’t spark the same joy whenever I reminisce our travel experiences before. Back in my childhood days, I can still recall those moments my siblings and I were singing in the car while we’re on the way to the province, my first “balsa” ride when I was 9, our family’s first beach outing and how fun that was.

It just proves that we should invest more on memories with our son rather than buying new toys and stuff for him.. because someday, he won’t play the same toys and it will just be part of the “old stuff” box in the storage area. My husband and I believe that investing in travel for our family is never a waste of money because it will be forever treasured and remembered. Praying someday we can see the world together as family.


What about you? What do you love about traveling as family? What’s your dream family travel destination?





  1. Berlin

    Love your list here. I agree that travelling is the best education. And spending it with loved ones is the best decision as well. I would want our family to visit Disneyland Hong Kong or Singapore. My boys still love rides and anything fun and thrling. Hong kong or Singapore because this momi and her mom love to shop. Ihihi.

    • Mommy Gracie

      Wow! Disneyland every family’s dream vacation. I’m excited for your family sis, have you seen Smart Parenting’s post about it? How to save on your Disneyland Vacation?
      Ehem.. Shopping, why not! angmura daw ng clothes doon sis sa HK.

  2. Michi

    Like you, our family loves to travel so I really agree on all the benefits that you have mentioned. We’re not rich but because we like to travel, we also save for it. We love reminiscing our past travel trips too, we check pictures, videos or my blog post. 🙂

    • Mommy Gracie

      I agree, saving for it ahead is the key, good thing too that many companies offer budget-friendly hotels and flights. I’ve tried using Traveloka Mommy Michi, and we’re able to save almost Php 2,000 for hotel bookings 🙂
      I also love reminiscing travel memories 🙂

  3. Above Precious Rubies

    Haaay, hubby is away so, walang far travel, because for me, traveling is enjoying the wonders with the people you love. We are hoping (and praying) na pag uwi ng hubby, we can at least travel outside the country. Keep on traveling sis, I agree with everything on the list! ♥

    • Mommy Gracie

      Nasa Abroad ba si hubby sis? In God’s perfect time sis, you may want to consider local destinations din 🙂

  4. Melisa Sanchez

    I agree all your tips listed. Our family, we love travel we called ourselves as “Travelers”. Kahit di pa kami kasal we love travels na talaga kaso sa local lang di pa kami nag explore outside the country. But we’re praying for Korea then Japan. Kasi gusto ko ma experience yong winter. heheheh!

    • Mommy Gracie

      Wow! Japan is one of our dream destinations too ? Cherry Blossom and Ramen mommy! Cheers to Family Travelers! ♡

  5. Mommy Anna

    I grew up with a family who loves to explore everything together and travel is one of our list. Every year we go to Baguio, Subic or any place that we can build memories. And now that I have my own family this is also the tradition that we want to pass it on with my son making memories with your family.

  6. Michelle

    To travel as a family is one of my big dreams for my little family! I was actually thinking that we can maybe begin doing trips this 4th quarter of the year but unfortunately, we have to postpone our plans kasi I got pregnant. Haha! Oh well. I think we’ll have to wait for another 2 years before we can start our travel plans as a family of four by that time! 🙂 I love your list. Ganyang ganyan din ang mga reasons ko sa isip-isip ko kaso lang ipo-pause muna nga ang plans hehe.

  7. Madz

    I agree travel has great benefits. When we went to Singapore we all had a great time experiencing new things. I hope next year we can go abroad again ( fingers crossed)

  8. Solara

    Family travel is not just about exciting activities and memorable experiences, it also makes our lives and our kids’ life so meaningful. In my bucketlist are Japan, South Korea and Australia. Wishing for a shower of good fortune to make it come true. 😊 **fingerscrossed**

    • Mommy Gracie

      I strongly agree mommy 🙂

  9. TYRA

    it’s fun to go on vacation there

  10. Ranie

    Our goal next year to travel with my family. We need to add little amount of our budget for out travel package destination. I found your article so much informative.


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