How To Have a Budget-friendly Family Travel?

Jun 3, 2016 | Money Matters

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Hello Loves!

Few days ago we celebrated our 3 years of team work in parenthood in a Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas (It has been our family tradition to visit different beaches whenever we have special occasions in our small family) It is our way to switch off and spend alone time with our family and with God.


Being known as a practical and “budget-conscious” person, our friends asked us on how to have a budget-friendly family travel.

Most of us think that only rich people can travel, but the truth is.. everyone can, as long as you put it in your priority list.

Like for example,instead of spending for your favorite frappucino, why not save it for a family travel fund? We just need discipline, patience, proper planning, commitment to our travel goals and saving habits.

Here are our family’s simple tips on how to save on your family travel:

1. Hotel, Resort & Airfare

Plan your travel ahead, so you have ample time to look for promos, best offer and compare prices. You can also wait for airfare promo rates and score best deals. We are fans of Land Travel “long drive” destinations because it saves us from airfare expenses. (Our 3-year old boy will already be charged full airfare fee)


Ask other people’s options and suggestions for their tried and tested accommodations, activities and even tour itineraries. You can also join group tours organized by travel agencies if you are comfortable to travel with a group (depending on your travel goal, not our options as of now, aside from Zee is too young, our main travel goal is to have quality time together)

2.   Meal

Prepare packed meals – last time, we found this an effective method to cost-cut on our travel meal expenses, so instead of driving thru a fast food chain, we brought our own breakfast and had our meal while on the road, it saved us money and gives a healthier meal option too.



Try local eateries – if you are go for local eateries, you can save a lot because they are 50% affordable compared to restaurants, plus you get the chance to minggle with local people and try their local delicacies.

If you want to eat in restaurants, you can search restaurant options ahead and browse their menu in advance so you can include it on your meal budget.

Bring your own water jug and snacks – instead of buying from convenient stores along the road, buy your snacks ahead in your favorite grocery stores (lower prices compared to Convenience Store in gasoline stations or in Resort Shops). Bringing water jug also saves you for additional mineral water cost. Imagine a bottle costs Php 25 pesos which already equivalent to your 5 gallon mineral water at home. Just prepare ice the night before.

3.   Time of Travel

Travel off peak – resorts offer higher rates during peak season, off peak months are June to October. If like us your family occasions are under peak season.. schedule it on a weekday.  You will also enjoy the privacy and tranquility of the whole resort.


4.   Stuff 

Reuse and Borrow – our family doesn’t buy new ootd for our get-away we usually use our old swimwear and stuff instead of buying new sets of clothes. I guess, buying quality products are much more advisable than buying new stuffs everytime you will travel. You can also borrow from your relatives instead of buying a new one. (Thanks to my sister for letting us borrow her action camera,hehe!)


Buy during end of summer sale – If you need to replace old stuff, it is good to buy during “end of summer sale” because those swim wears, dry bags, sunblocks and waterproof stuffs will definitely be on mark down prices.

5.   Save for it

You don’t have to feel guilty after travelling if you already included it on your monthly budget.

We are freelancers and small entrepreneurs (no fix income per month). We joined a saving challenge or known here in the country as “paluwagan”. We tried to lower our food expenses and we didn’t buy new stuff as much as possible so we can save for our weekly paluwagan contribution.


Here is a scenario. Let’s say after canvassing and checking rates, you come up with Php 10,000 travel budget goal.

And you can only set-aside Php 300/week for the travel fund, you can save that Php 10,000 travel fund in 8 months. You and your family can travel once a year with 300/week. Amazing right?

So there you go moms and dads, let me know if you have other travel savings tips. So we can all enjoy a vacation and the gift of travelling with our family.

Let me share to you this quote:

“Fill your life with memories not things,

Have stories to tell, not stuffs to show”




It is good to invest in memories, celebrate the gift of family and experience new things together..

Investment doesn’t need to be material stuff alone.


  1. Kim @ Mom On Duty

    A lot of people think that you need tons of money to travel. This summer, we brought our two kids on lots of adventures and we didn’t spend too much at all. They were able to experience long drives, 8-hour ship rides, and riding small local boats. Much better than the usual plane ride! (They love the whole experience so much they keep asking for another adventure each week haha!)

    • Mommy Gracie

      Wow! I’m excited to read the full details on your blog mommy..
      Cheers to Frugal Family Travellers! 🙂



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