The role of “budgeting” on our Financial Goals

Do you have goals especially "financial" goals for this year? As a mom, wife, freelancers or small business owners we have goals in different roles and hats that we have in our lives.   I’m sure we all have goals that doesn’t have any equivalent amount of money...

Money & Marriage : Money lessons for newly weds

Money & Marriage : Money lessons for newly weds

Money issues is one of the top reasons why many couples call it quits. It may be because of inability to provide, some face conflict in sharing their wealth, while others simply do not have enough time to flourish their marriage because they're both busy making a...

Budgeting : The Freelancer’s Way

"Freelancers" when people hears about this job title, the first thing that comes to our mind is "freedom". Being freelancers and self-employed allowed our family to always be together, as in, everyday,Β have a vacation on a weekday (mas mura ang accommodation rates) ,...

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