Meaningful Ways to spend your Christmas Bonus

Welcome ber months! Its the busiest season of the year. And for us Pinoys, sobrang haba ng ating Christmas celebration.

Nakaka-excite kumain ng puto bungbong, makinig ng mga batang nag cacarolling or maglakad lakad sa malamig na weather. But ofcourse, ang most awaited ng mga employees ang 13th month at 14th month pay or Christmas Bonus.

Meaningful Ways to Spend Your

If you are thinking of fancy things to buy, food to feast with or mall sale to raid after receiving your bonus, why not spend it on things that are more meaningful and will really last.

Sharing with you some of the meaningful ways to spend your Christmas Bonus:


Pay off debts

Do you have a debt that’s been long overdue it can be a credit card debt, loan or a debt to someone. Why not use your bonus to pay off and clear atleast one of those in the debt list.


Bless someone

Christmas is the season of giving. Treating someone, blessing a charity or even one family is one of many meaningful ways to spend your bonus this season. As they say, “blessing to you, blessing through you”.


Invest in memories

Why not set aside a portion to spend quality time with your family? Schedule a trip or vacation and make memories for a lifetime with your spouse  and kids. Money spent in making memories is never a waste of resources. Just don’t spend it all, set a budget for vacation from your Christmas bonus.


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Additional fund for emergency fund

Are you also building your family’s emergency fund? Setting aside a portion of the bonus for it will even help you start your money right for the following year. As I always share during my workshops, ito ang isa sa magandang unang financial goals as a family.

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Invest for your child’s education

And another meaningful way is to save and invest for our child’s education. Think long term! 

Instead of putting your child’s future college fund in a regular bank account, we can also consider VUL products.
Investment and Insurance in ONE! Parang combo meal mommies.

Copy of Post-#9-A

That is why natuwa talaga ako when I’ve discovered Manulife GradMaker. You can invest anywhere you are at anytime you want. Online lang sya! Yes, everything done through their mobile app, no need to personally go to Manulife’s office.

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You can download the app here mommies (Google Play & App Store)


You can compute your child’s projected tuition fee, depending on your school of choice.

You can even track your progress kung ilan percent ka na sa goal mo sa tuition fee na target mo.

First, you just have to input your child’s current age and the school you are targeting by the time your child will go to college. The app will automatically compute the projected tuition fee by then.

The Investment Benefit Screen allows us parents to see how long and how much we need to invest annually to save up for our child’s college fund. Kaya mas nakaka-motivate mag-save and invest di ba mommies?



And what I also like about Grad Maker, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it is a VUL or Variable Life product mommies.  Kaya yung policy owner is insured for atleast 125% of the total investment.

You can start opening an account for only P10,000, abot kaya!


To know more about Manulife GradMaker, watch this tutorial video:



There you go mommies! Hope these list can help you decide where to spend your Christmas bonus.

Let’s use our hard-earned money wisely.


What about you tipid mommies? In what meaningful ways do you spend your money?


Merry Christmas!



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