Thankful Living sa Probinsya

Nov 26, 2015 | Family & Life


It’s our Little Home’s 5th anniversary. Yehey!
We are so grateful for the little shelter that God has given us to start our small family.


This little home witnessed our life without a baby, our first Christmas as family, Zee’s first walk, our laughters, dramas in life and thankful no action scenes so far! Haha..
We’re excited to create more memories in this home while praying and waiting for our dream house in God’s perfect time (if God’s will).

What we’re thankful about living in a small space in Rural (ok, not-so-Rural Cavite) :

Affordable – yes, our home is still under mortgaged payable upto 186930272 of years ? which is equivalent to our monthly rent in Las Pinas City when we’re just newly weds. Good deal right? We call it God’s grace and favor especially both my husband and I are freelancers/small business owners our monthly income is project-based.



Low Cost of Living Food is cheaper here, during busy days, we can go to the nearest Talipapa in our place. Our go-to lunch meal is “tortang talong” PHP 15 for the eggplant +PHP 24 for the eggs. Super budget friendly plus a healthy meal.

Fresh Air- dahil malapit pa sa palayan at taniman, minsan may Baka pa nga smile emoticon fresh air pa dito. Making an afternoon short walk really relaxing and yes, great for little Zee.


Simple Lifestyle – our small house helped us live simply, minimal and resourceful. Such a good training also to our little son to live within our means, to just live simple and humble.



Friendly community – since we transferred here in our house, one of the reasons I am thankful living here are my neighbors, we seem to have a small family in our street. My neighbors are mostly moms- they shared tips about child care and even household tipid tips that are helpful for newbie wifey and a mom like me.

What about you? What do you love about your home? What do you miss about living in Rural?




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