Fire Prevention Tips At Home 

Fire incidents are often on the headlines in our country, and sadly, it happened majority in residential areas.

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A shelter is one of our basic needs, a house is normally the biggest asset in every family. That’s why we should also consider our home’s safety because when we take care of our home, we are also taking care of our family’s comfort di ba mommies?

Here are some way we can prevent fire at home: 


  •  Turn-off gas regulator when not in use. 

Before going out or before going to bed always turn off the gas regulator.


  •  Always unplug unused appliances 

Aside from mas tipid ang mag-unplug ng appliances it is also a safe move against fire incidents.


  •  Have a fire extinguishers or fire blankets at home

We see this in restaurant and offices, we should also put it on our checklist at home, there are available fire extinguishers in hardware stores or even online.


  •  Have a family’s escape plan in case of fire

Have a fire drill at home, draw your escape plan so your smaller kids can visualize it.


  •  Have home keys place in accessible areas. 

Place home keys in an accessible place so in case of fire, it is easier to open the locked doors


  •  Always have emergency numbers save on your phone 

Save your guard’s phone number, fire department in your area and even police station within your Barangay


  • Invest in a home insurance 

Don’t think of it as an additional expense but an investment, for protection of our dear home and to secure our loved ones.


I came across Malayan Insurance mommies, and kahit simple townhouse kagaya ng bahay namin ay pwedeng palang i-insured.

Malayan’s Fire and Lightning Insurance insures your property against the loss and damage caused by fire and/or lightning. Insured properties include the building and its contents (excluding cash & jewelry).

Tapos may optional coverage din for family members mommies. And yes, pati ang house helper nyo pwede ikuha ng add-on insurance.

I believe having a Home Insurance in the Philippines, is a must for every household, it is part of prevention and protection in case of unforeseen incidents like fire mommies.


What about you inays do you have additional tips on how to prevent fire at home? Please feel free to share with us!


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