Meaningful Ways to spend your Christmas Bonus

Meaningful Ways to Spend Your

Welcome ber months! Its the busiest season of the year. And for us Pinoys, sobrang haba ng ating Christmas celebration. Nakaka-excite kumain ng puto bungbong, makinig ng mga batang nag cacarolling or maglakad lakad sa malamig na weather. But ofcourse, … Continue reading 

How selling pre-loved baby items helped us open a mutual fund?


I was moved by this story that I’ve shared on my previous post (link here) So I began checking our idle resources.


As a newbie mom, I love buying cute items for my son when he was still a baby, being a first time parent, I’m always excited to get something new for him.

But since babies grew up so fast, many of his clothes doesn’t fit him anymore, he is not into rattles nor play gym now so even outgrew his baby toys and books.

Until I thought of selling his pre-loved baby items online – in a mommy’s Facebook group and in buy & sell websites. 


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