How selling pre-loved baby items helped us open a mutual fund?


I was moved by this story that I’ve shared on my previous post (link here) So I began checking our idle resources.


As a newbie mom, I love buying cute items for my son when he was still a baby, being a first time parent, I’m always excited to get something new for him.

But since babies grew up so fast, many of his clothes doesn’t fit him anymore, he is not into rattles nor play gym now so even outgrew his baby toys and books.

Until I thought of selling his pre-loved baby items online – in a mommy’s Facebook group and in buy & sell websites. 


It is one of our financial goals this year to open a new mutual fund investment for our son. We’re thankful that God opened a door through selling pre-loved items, we’re able to start it now.

Sharing with you some tips in selling your pre-loved items online:

  • Schedule your de-clutter day 

Separate your items Donate, Keep and Sell.



Little Zee boy happily sorting his toys that he can now donate (By the way, Museo Pambata is now accepting toys and books donations for Christmas Gift Giving)


  • Join Facebook Groups that caters buy, sell and trading of items and websites too

Examples are Shoppee,, TBTM Mommy Club and more


  • Take a good photo of your pre-loved items

Make sure your photo can make the buyers appreciate the item, be honest in selling too – admit if there are flaws due to storage if there is any


  • Follow the rule of thumb , sell at least 50% off the original price

Give other moms an opportunity to get best deal items from you, give freebies as much as possible.


  • Separate the pre-loved items earning from your budget

You should have a clear goal too when selling your pre-loved items, in our case, we wanted to use it to open a mutual fund for our son.




And yesss! We are thankful that for a minimum amount of Php 5,000 you can open a mutual fund account in Sun Life Financial PH.

If you are not that knowledgeable about Stock Trading and you wanted to grow your money, mutual fund is a good choice.

Your Sun Life Financial Advisor will let you take an investment questionnaire to recommend the kind of investment that suits your investment character.

If you are interested, I can connect you to our Sun Life Mutual Fund Advisor Ms.Che, she’s very accommodating and sincere to help you in your financial goals.

Another good news friends! Sunlife is also offering an Auto-invest Program for BPI and BDO cardholders, it allows us, mutual fund investors to invest monthly or quarterly hassle-free by directly deducting in from our bank account.

To know more about Mutual Fund offered by Sun Life Financial PH and their other products you may check out their website:


56 thoughts on “How selling pre-loved baby items helped us open a mutual fund?

  1. I seriously need to schedule a declutter day. We don’t have space for clothes or toys anymore, and Christmas is coming! Way to go for being financially prepared, Mommy!

  2. I also sell pre-loved stuff from time to time, stuff na wala ko pagbibigyan. My son’s clothes go straight to his cousins na kasi. Nice to know that you were able to open Mutual Fund from your earnings.

  3. wow! i’m also thinking about selling not only my baby’s pre-love stuff but also my stuff. thinking of saving this as well, instead of splurging and buying more stuff.

    • That’s a great idea mommy, I started selling my old clothes too, hindi na kasi talaga kasya kahit anong pilit ko haha! Ayaw naman ng mga sisters ko ang mga styles :)

  4. I’ve never thought of selling my little boy’s clothes before. I gave away the hand-me-downs he got as well as some of the things I bought him. ? But I already have a mutual fund opened for him before, not from Sunlife though. But I have VULs with Sunlife already ?

    • Its better to give it away mommy, I am sure God will reward your generosity. Wow! Good to know that you have mutual fund and VUL already! High Five!

  5. I also had a chance to sell some of my dresses in TBDM Mommy Club! It helped me raise funds that I was able to use for my first born’s baptism day. :) I am so glad to know that one of your financial goals has come to life already. I also have opened a mutual fund in COL while my husband’s account is with SunLife, too. Cheers to a brighter future for our families! :D

    • Yahooo! So happy to hear that Mommy Michelle, TBTM is really a blessing both to seller and buyers ano? Cheers to a brighter future!

  6. I’d love to sell pre-loved items to have extra income.:)
    My husband and I opened a bank acct for our sons when they tutned 1 and puts money every year on their birthday.:)

  7. I used to be hoarder. I used to keep each and every stuff my family owns, but soon learned to declutter thanks to my avid watching of a reality show “Clean House” ?. I know do regular (atleast twice, thrice a year) decluttering, but our pre-loved stuffs are donated to our less fortunate extended families and neighbors.

  8. Great Idea! I also sell pre-loved items on line. Sometimes, I use the money to buy new items but most of the time I just keep the money for travel or emergency use.

  9. This is actually a great idea. I’ve been keeping used stuff of my son and still got no plans on what to do with them. I still need to ask permission from my partner if I’d sell them, though. Most of my son’s stuff are personally bought by him in the US. With regards to the mutual fund, I’ve been seeing reviews about Sun Life. Still curious. I was only enlightened with the funds BDO has. Will check if it’s really a good choice. Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s right mommy, ask your hubby’s go signal first :) Check out Sunlife’s website to know more about their Mutual Fund mommy, they have a very user-friendly and informative website.

  10. Great job! I wanna open a mutual fund account for my kids too. I’m thinking of what we can actually sell right now and can’t think of any because we already did a lot purging 2 years ago. But maybe in a year’s time when our new baby is one year old already we can sell his preloved baby stuff too.

  11. Woah your story is inspiring! I’ve tried selling some of my preloved items before but I just didn’t have the time or energy to maintain it. Now I want to do it again AND open a mutual fund account too!

  12. This is seriously inspiring. We’ve got a number of idle stuff as well and we just put them outside the house. We know that someone in need get them for their own use. We haven’t thought of monetizing any of them as it feels it would give us more hassle than profit. For one, dealing with courier might take much of my time as well as taking photos of each item. But as I’ve said, this is so inspiring. Will consider this as well. Thank you.

    • You can ask the courier sis to pick-up the items at your doorstep, You have a cut-off time so you can ship the items in one day schedule only, medyo hassle if everyday sis, alam mo na andami nating “mommy duties” :)

  13. This is a nice idea of decluttering. I mean, you get to earn and have more space at home at the same time. We have tons of unused stuff at home. Will consider selling stuff online. Thank you for the idea :)

  14. Great tips for selling pre-loved items. I especially like the tip of selling it at least 50% off. Once an item has been used it’s value has drastically dropped. Some sellers don’t understand this and charge a high price. I’m thinking about opening a mutual fund. Is there a fee when consulting?

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