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How to survive a Financial Crisis?

How to survive a Financial Crisis?

Almost everyone I know, experienced financial crisis and stress in some point of their lives. Lost their job, business failure, investment scam, debts and a lot more. My husband and I have experienced financial crisis, not just one from above event list but all of...

Moneykit by Chinkee Tan (Review)

Have you heard about Coach Chinkee Tan's Moneykit? Moneykit is a money management system in a box that will help every Filipino to: Save Budget Get-out of Debt Invest The term "budget" is overly used in every Filipino Family's home. Si Nanay pa lang palaging sinasabi...

Financial Freedom Journey: Know Where You Are

As promised, after being invited on "Money Wise",Β a financial literacy TV Show hosted by Mr. Chinkee Tan and Tin Tin Bersola-Babao, we promised you friends, that we will share our journey towards financial freedom. They invited us to represent most Filipino Families,...

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