Ogalala Kidspirations | “Kids who inspire other kids”

Babies didn’t come with a manual, as a first-time mom, I appreciate mommies who shared their knowledge, discoveries and helpful tips to other moms.



I’m also thankful to mommy groups established online wherein moms learn from each other and ask for an advice from group members. Thank you so much Internet!

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Fun and Budget-friendly Summer Workshop at Mcdonald’s

Summer time… children’s most favourite season, a time to make new memories and learn new skills.

Summer is also the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that!



Now on its 25th year, (yes! they are the longest running summer workshop) McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is McDonald’s flagship family program that gives kids an opportunity to:

  • experience in-store restaurant training
  • learn time-tested values such as teamwork
  • hard work
  • discipline
  • responsibility
  • sharing

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