Book Review: Marriage Rules

Growing up, I don’t have the best example of what happy marriage should look like.

That’s why when I got married, pinangako ko sa sarili ko, na together with my spouse, we will seek godly counsel, attend marriage workshops and read books that can help us grow our marriage.


Being married for 7 years, I can say na marami pa kaming hindi alam, I am thankful that we have a group for married couples in church wherein we discuss how marriage was designed by God. Dahil nakakalungkot, families and marriages are under attack now a days. Kaya we need to really know the right foundation of a successful marriage- God.

I am happy to share with you one book on marriage that my husband and I currently enjoy reading : “Marriage Rules” a book by Ryan O’Quinn, published by CSM (Church Strengthening Ministry)

What I love about this book:

  • It is a small hand book but learning-filled
  • It is recommended not just for engaged, newly weds even for married couples for years
  • It was written with humor kaya hindi boring basahin
  • Practical tips were given, examples can be used in real life marriage


Sharing with you my top 3 learnings:

  • Using of smart phone, halos lahat tayo guilty rito, we should not exchange the time we use in gadgets to a precious time with our spouse and kids. Maganda ang tip nya na ilagay sa ibang room yung smart phone para hindi ma-tempt silipin.


  • Keeping the intimacy part. Relate ang mga mommies na may kids, minsan nasa dulo ito ng list, pero it shouldn’t be that way, sabi nga nya, schedule it. “Make time for each other in the bedroom” Nakakatawa rin yung tip nila dapat may secret code kayong mag-asawa doon (para censored naman sa kids)


  • Loving the person in every season “This is not the person you married – and that’s okay” , totoo naman yung asawa natin, nag-iiba yearly, parang hindi na yung original kung paano natin sila nakilala or pinakasalanan di ba? A very good reminder ito to stick to our spouse no matter what happens.


My husband and I enjoyed reading this book. We’ve learned a lot from the 71 tips.

I also appreciate the short part wherein bonding or activities ideas were shared for couples.


This exact quote was used during our wedding day :)

More Details about the book:


Investing on our marriages through books is always worth it. And we can also all agree that to be a good parent, we need to be a good wife or husband first. Reading a book as a couple, can be a very fun bonding time, sabay kayo natututo and nag-gogrow :)


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