Your Private Life Matters

Jul 19, 2016 | Family & Life

In our modern world of Instagram and Pinterest-Worthy Life, and in this age of everything can be posted online and even Live!

When we, people, can share the details of our day…

We really have a tendency to focus more on our public life rather than minding more about our private life. Because social media is really addicting. Our cellphones seems to have an invisible chains in our hands.. And for people who works online, for bloggers, this is really part of our daily lives.

I am not an excuse, let me share to you a recent scenario..

There was this day when I am happily taking picture of my little guy and he said “Mimi, no cellphone please while he covered my eyes”

Be present

That very moment, I’ve realized the importance of focusing on our private life and to be really present in my son’s play time. There’s nothing wrong about taking pictures – I am a fan of documenting memories, especially if we want to upload some tips to inspire other people or help other moms. But I’ve realized that in everything there should be balance.ย 

There are times for picture-picture day, and there are floor plays and bonding that needs to be cherished – without the camera, because even celebrities value their privacy. How much more normal people like us? Di ba? Haha!


Who we are in the dark

I’ve also realized that God is more concerned of who I am , who we are in our private livesย – ourย quiet time with Him, our prayer life and our character even when no one is watching matters to Him. How we treat our family in the normal-regular days, how we talk and think about other people in the private.

“God is more concerned about our heart not in our performance” -unknown

Your public life is a manifestation of your private life

“What you are made of will come out naturally” Ptr. Allan Crichett

I heard that statement when I was attending a youth service when I was still part of the “youth”.

And it’s true, what we feed ourselves in private, what we think, what we read, what our hearts are into will come out naturally in public.

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

Disconnect to Connect

There was this restaurant with a signage “no wifi talk to each other” is in deed true, no one grabs their phone to chat with their Long Distance friends, almost everyone are communicating to their family and friends “eye-to-eye”.

When I started setting my alarm to have an online break and intentionally kept my phone away from me whenever my son and I play, I found real joy in these moments.

Lord, Thank you for this fresh beginning,
Thank You for reminding me to be more focus on my private life more than my public life, help me to be present wherever I am, help me love and pay attention to the people You’ve placed in my life, Give me the strength that I need to pursue a more intentional life for Your Glory alone. Amen.


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