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Mar 6, 2018 | Mommy Finds, Nanaypreneurship

One of the ultimate dreams of every family is having a house to call their own.

Model Unit (2)

My husband and I are very thankful that we chose to live a simple life in rural (Cavite) wherein home mortgage fee is low, and even the way of living is much affordable compared to city living, super sakto sa aming way of earning right now as freelancers and start-up family.If you’re looking for a home, and thinking of switching to rural living, I’m happy to share with you mommies a unique and affordable home for every Filipino Family.

Sobrang thankful ako to be part of the grand launching of Via Verde a subdivision by Imperial Homes Corporation. 

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What I love about Homes made by Imperial Lifetime Homes:


Solar-powered Home #tipidsakuryente

The community is Solar-powered, making it budget-friendly for us mga misis, 42% savings on electricity! Imagine a couple shared that their Electricity Bill is only P11/month (you can allot your electricity expense to other family’s needs already) Grabe anlaking tipid ‘nun di ba mommies?

Here’s a look of the system mommies, you can check how many watts you are currently using. (The excess from the actual watts available will be credited to your Meralco bill)

Solar Powered Community . .Mommies, kakauwi ko lang from Batangas. 🙂 Nakaka-amazed itong Subdivision by Imperial Lifetime Homes. . . Solar-powered ung community(solar panels), imagine, a couple shared their electricity bill is only 11 pesos for a month! Anlaking tipid mommies! Di ba? 😱 . Plus their homes are made of Connovate panels, that guaranteed 100 years ng structure. Kaya pala “pamana” talaga kasi pati apo ng apo mo makakatira dito. . . Pwde pa sya na thru Pag-Ibig Loan kaya abo’t kaya ng bawat Filipino Families tapos high quality ang bahay hindi kagaya ng ordinary low cost housing inays 🙂 . . I was inspired by the story of their CEO, Ms.Emma Imperial, her passion to transform the Philippines thru her unique real estate project is really inspiring inays . (Salamat sa ating buwis buhay shots sis @themachomom and sa @belosunexpert sunblock mo sis 🙂 hehe. Mommies, More details on the blog soon about Imperial Lifetime Homes..)

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Because it is solar-powered with battery that can stock-up energy that can be used at night, there’s no brownout!

For moms, we know how stressful it is kapag brown out especially for our kids. If you’re a work-at-home parent, you’ll surely love this feature na “no brown out” it means no work interruption too.

Model Unit (1)

100 years material lifespan

Connovate Philippines Inc and Imperial Homes Corporation are making history in the Philippine real estate scene as the first adopter pf Connovate in the country.

Via Verde

What’s Connovate?

Connovate, a construction breakthrough from Denmark, is a high-performance concrete building technology that offers less carbon footprint, 100 years material lifespan, fast construction and insulation abilities and among other innovation features. Imagine inay, yung bahay mo mapapakinabangan pa ng apo ng apo mo.



We all can notice na ang-laki na ng naging changes sa weather natin because of global warming.

That’s why I really salute Imperial Homes for their unique subdivision concept of having a solar-powered community.

Solar Panel uses natural energy from the sun compared sa traditional electricity that uses fossil fuels like coal and natural gas as source. When fossil fuels are burned so it can produce our needed electricity, it emit harmful gases that cause air pollution and global warming. Plus, because they are using Concrete Panels to build the home, it uses less cements reducing Co2 emissions. That’s why the subdivision helps a lot in preserving our environment. (Hopin’ someday we can also install our own Solar Powered System at home)


Healthy Home

The Concrete Panels used in building each home are made of non-porous materials that can help reduce health risks caused by molds formation, which is a major concern in an ordinary home. I know, mommies who are living in a small house, like us can relate to this, minsan amoy “luma” agad yung house because of mold formation.

Model Unit

Here’s a sample interior layout for your future home

Practical Investment 

Because of the 100 years lifespan, the value of the homes will be three times more than non-lifetime homes due to lesser cost in renovation. From an affordable price ranging from P1.6 million to P1.9 million, an Imperial Lifetime Home is projected to increase in value at P7.5 million in 30 years compared to non-lifetime homes, which will have a projected value of P4.2 million. You don’t have to pay in cash, it is also available for Pag-Ibig Housing Loan to make the payment terms more convenient and affordable.

Untitled design (3)

May “pamana” value din sya mommies na P95 million to P110 million in 100 years, dahil maipapasa yung home from generation to another. Kaya sobrang practical investment sya. Not to mention, when we visited the place it only took us 45-minute drive from Alabang going to the exact site location of Via Verde. (Sto.Tomas, Batangas)

I was so inspired too that the CEO behind this company is a Filipina, a woman. Ms. Emma Imperial, she is so passionate to help our co-citizen have a comfortable living and home.

“Big savings on electricity. Big savings on refurbishments. Big savings from a healthy home. Imperial Lifetime Homes provide better home investment opportunities for low-income Filipinos with world-class green homes that can last a lifetime.” says Ms. Emma Imperial.


Ms. Emma Imperial, CEO, Imperial Lifetime Homes



If you are interested to check out Imperial Lifetime Homes: 

You can set a tripping schedule with them to check out other subdivision options in different locations.

Facebook | Website | (02) 807 8405




  1. Farhan

    Thanks so much!

  2. Michi

    We also have solar panels at home but we don’t have the battery kaya wala rin electricity pag brown-out. But it helps us to save electricity because half of the day yun gamit namin, basta may araw. It is an investment talaga and I hope it will last for a long time too. 🙂

    • vonskie

      Magkano po pag nagpa install ng solar panels at home?

  3. May

    Ang galing nito. Panalo to. Gusto ko sana to, kaya lang our life is centered in the city. So even if we move to the rural areas, talo pa rin kami sa commuting expenses especially that all five of us have to be in the city.

    Sana there’ll be more of these, even in the city. Sa init na to, gamitin na lang natin for solar purposes haha!

  4. Kira

    Mommy Gracie, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  5. Veni Anabo

    Galing nito! I actually wanted to use solar panels talaga e. Sana they build more houses like this like in Laguna or Cavite 🙂 Would want to own a house that is environment friendly.

  6. Maan

    Speaking as a real estate broker, from your description, it sounds like a good investment nga! I envy your rural living. Wish I cab say the same for Davao – ang layo namin sa NCR ha pero tumaas na rin cost of living dito. Ang mahal na ng lupa at bahay!

  7. Gilian

    Lov this. I love the Mrs. Imperial’s dream to help our people. 🙂 I would love to have solar powered house as well. Malaking tulong. 🙂

  8. Shalene R

    Wow. Just wow. Solar-powered tapos ang ganda pa ng units. I’m interested! I’m not really seeing myself living there pero magandang investment siya! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Ayi

    This is the first time I heard of solar-powered homes. Galing ng concept! The units are not that bad as well. I hope other big developers will follow this 🙂

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