The Sweet Side of Nanayhood

Sep 5, 2015 | Mommy Finds

Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs on earth.

You’ll discover a different version of who you are when you became a mom,

you’ll see a different kind of strength especially when juggling so much tasks with shorter days and longer nights timeline.

There were days when you almost forget the date and have your lunch at Five ‘o clock in the afternoon haha!

But you also know you’re a mom when that simple hug and “abyu!” (I love you) become your kryptonite…


Let me share with you mommies and I know you’ll agree that even though Motherhood is a tough job, it’s the sweetest job as well.

It is indeed a special gift and calling in a woman’s life.


Here are my favorite “sweet sides” of being a mom:

  • Lots of hugs and kisses – I got more than 20 hugs a day from my little guy. Maybe one reason why most moms look so happy (because hugging increases oxytocin bonding hormones). After a tiring day with piles of laundry and deadlines at work that simple hug will surely energize you.

  • Playing like a kid again – before I became a mom, I am a busyholic-type of person, almost no time for fun, but when Zee came, our everyday became a comic world… I want to be part of little Zee’s childhood, so I started playing and laughing like a kid again.


  •  Life becomes simple – there’s a different kind of joy and fulfillment in mommyhood that I can’t compare to any amount of success in this world. I dress-up simply, cook simplier meals and plan simplier days.


  • Full of Intention and Purpose-Driven Life – I became extra mindful, because I have a little audience trying to copy my words and my actions, I need to be a good role model to my child. When you become a mom, your greatest purpose suddenly becomes clear.




  • Mommy becomes creative and resourceful – I can be a song writer now haha! Our days are mostly filled with made-up songs, creative and fun activities.

Like this afternoon, Instead of buying a simple snack, I decided to create a special Chocolate Pudding in various shapes using Milna Philippines Toddler Pudding Mix. We made moon and star pudding just perfect for our fourth day of creation activity “God made the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day” 


IMG_1104 IMG_1110 IMG_1135

Aside from giving my son a sweet treat, this chocolate pudding is healthy (loaded with vitamins) and It became our instant “mommy & baby” bonding that made this little guy so curiously happy.  (Should I include eating yummy kids snack as one of the sweet side of being a mom? haha!) 

Milna Philippines also offer toddler biscuits, that I am planning to use for our next activity “Face decorating” they also have baby cereals and biscuits that are approved by Pediatricians to be healthy for babies.


What about you? What sweet side of mommyhood do you love most?









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