The Joy in Contentment

I was working on a project last night, while listening to Pastor Rick Warren’s podcast about a balanced life. He mentioned about “Enjoying the moment” “Enjoying the NOW” instead of enjoying life when our goals are accomplished already.

I can still recall that day that My husband and I are eating the simplest meal we had in our table- I can’t remember how it taste like, but what I can recall was our Joy in midst of that situation. I can still remember the words my husband told me  “This too shall pass, season lang ‘to”

Instead of waiting for things to be back into normal, I am thankful that we chose Joy and thankfulness during those low times in our early parenting life.


Let me share with you some of the things I believe we should consider when we want to be contented in our current situations in life.

  • Never Compare – Comparison is the thief of Joy as they say.

When we’re too busy looking at the life other people, we might miss how blessed we are with our own life. Especially in our era, we can see our friend’s brand new car being posted online, but we are not aware of the hard work they experienced before getting those stuff. Instead of comparing and competing with others, let us focus on our self-improvement and how blessed we are.

  • Not a Pinterest Perfect Life – don’t try too hard to live a perfect life

Being a lover of art, Pinterest became my addiction haha! But I was like “How did you do that moms?” Sorry but I find it really hard to maintain an Instagram worthy place – with an active toddler at home almost all areas of our house looks like a play ground haha!

  • Stop Worrying – let tomorrow worry about itself

If you are a freelancer or paid in a project basis, worrying maybe part of our daily routine :)

I am still a newbie on this, but I am trying as much as possible not to think, ok not to think too much about the next month’s bill. The key I believe is trusting God’s timing and that His provisions are ready any time we need it because He is unlimited.

  • Thankfulness – there’s always something to be thankful of

When we are busy complaining. we don’t have rooms in our hearts for thanksgiving. Being contented is being thankful on our current life and situation, while we are waiting for God’s timing and answer to our prayers and dreams. It is all about enjoying the journey.

Indeed, being contented is finding joy in our current life, that joy cannot be filled with any material possessions nor achievements but only in Him.

If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. 1 Timothy 6:8



15 thoughts on “The Joy in Contentment

  1. this is so inspiring. in this Facebook days, you sometimes can’t help and compare your life to others. but it is all about putting things perspective and enjoying the little things. :)

  2. Thank you. We’ve been in a huge struggle these past few months because of the shift to freelancing. It’s not easy but I find myself crying countless times because I’m not sure if I could still make it through. This is such a timely post — I will continue standing by the decision to leave the corporate jungle. This too shall pass, after all.

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