Pregnancy Tips from a Doula

Jun 13, 2019 | Family & Life, Mommy Finds

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I can relate to the unexplainable joy we, moms and pregnant women felt the first time we got the two positive lines on our PT (pregnancy test).

We try to become healthier and more mindful when we got the news that there’s a life inside our womb. We also enjoyed the priority lanes and seats on establishments. The special treatment at home especially sa mga asawa natin, haha!

But we also can’t deny the fact that this pregnancy  season is not an easy journey.

There were days  when we are too worried if our baby inside is doing fine.

Thankful I got to attend a birth class workshop by Ms.Thammie Sy, the Founder of Birthing Beginnings and a birth coach. Just in time, that we are praying and planning for our next baby. (God willing).

Sharing with you inays some of my take home from  the workshop:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – when I was pregnant with my son Zee, I used it as an excuse for eating too much. The reason why I grew from 56 kilos to 75 kilos. But the truth pala is we moms, don’t have to eat for two when we’re pregnant. Being mindful of what we eat is important too. Ms.Thammie also advised to avoid caffeine and eat more fiber-rich food.
  • Attend prenatal classes – to most moms, parang dagdag gastos ito, pero honestly, we can benefit a lot when we attend a birth class. Much better if we do it together with our spouse. Mas mare-ready natin yung katawan natin, malalaman natin yung totoong breathing and we will be able to do exercises that can prepare our body physically for birth.

Did you know that the same love hormone during love making is responsible for labor?

So mas relax at confident si mommy, mas nag oopen pala ang cervix. Not true pala ang mga mala pelikulang movie na todo ire at ngarag mode dapat. Hahaha! The more relax the mommy is, the better.

  • Prepare and plan – ayan ang hindi ko nagawa talaga noong time ng anak ko, super niregret ko ito. It is important to have a birth plan, inform your OB and your spouse about your plans, do you want to go unmedicated? Do you want to breastfeed your child? Delayed cord cutting and etc.

Aside from planning the usual hospital bag, Ms.Thammie, even shared practical tips like preparing a concealer for sleepless nights, hey momsh, we can’t deny that isa sa complaint natin yan pagkapanganak, “losyang na ako” so why not use a concealer and lipstick even at home? Mas masaya mag-alaga ng anak kapag we feel good about ourselves. Di ba?

It also helps a lot when you use antibacterial pads during pregnancy, like So Sure Pads, dahil kapag buntis, madalas may UTI at incontinence, yung konti tawa may lumalabas na wiwi (excuse ha). Pero true yan, I’ve experienced that myself.

Wala pang So Sure Pads noon, buti ngayon meron na, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and it has odor control. It stays fresh upto 4 hours. Local brand pa sya mommies, kaya okay dahil sariling atin.


Soak So Sure Pads in Witch Hazel Oil, freeze it. Instant cold-compress pad after vaginal birth.

Helps to reduce swelling and pain.

Check out Birthing Beginnings schedule of prenatal classes schedule.

Hope these tips I’ve learned from the birth class will help you too mommies, especially ang mga buntis na mommies natin. Sobrang informative ng workshop nila at sa susunod kong pagbubuntis, madami akong icocorrect na ginawa ko noong una.


  1. Marjeanette Reyes Pante

    1st baby is a boy (2 years old); and now I’m 35 weeks pregnant with a girl 😊
    Prepare and plan is so true mommy, and no matter how much you prepare, meron at meron pa ring something that you miss out. Better na yun kesa sa totally wala diba mommy?

  2. Crystal Cruz

    Good to know may ganito na kasi dati gamit ko adlut diaper na Hindi comfortable lalo na pag aalis naka adult ako naiilang ako. Good thing may ganito na at plus point pa na sariling atin to. Wow ! Thanks for the info !

  3. Maiz Ganelo

    Truth na kailangan natin ng prenatal classes. But if di afford ng tao. We must say pwede siya mag youtube para malaman ang dapat malaman. Yun nga lang mas better pa rin sa class dahil actual. Also sobrang hirap talaga magbuntis kasi di mo na maalagaan ang sarili mo especially when you have a kiddo na. Hassle sa part lalo na pag di ka tinutulungan ng hubby mo. You feel ang bigat. Parang pasan ko ang daigdig. But still you will go to no matter what. I hope mag November na para makita ko na ang aking second baby. Also i want to try that pad momsh. Ang hirap umatsing napapaihi ka talaga. And also yung push ko nung nanganak ako at first is maingay like sa TV at walang hinto. Mali pala impit lang ang push at kung nakakaramdam lang ng contraction. Haha funny, i didnt know.

  4. Tina podadera

    25 weeks pregnant here and I have been experiencing sudden discharge . I am not using any pads since i avoid to have UTI. 🙂

  5. elimnaval

    my preggy journey with my second child is much more sensitive than before.. maybe because im 32 years old now compare from my first pregnancy when i was 27… im also a working mom… i believe that even were preggy or we are already a mother we must always take care also ourselves… i still put some makeup on and dress presentable for me and for my family… (para di din matawag na losyang diba?) Always remember we are the ones who must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others… always keep in mind that God is always with us likewise our family and friends … stay pretty and healthy mommies!!

  6. Che

    Thanks for the tips mommy. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I already forgot the to do list to be prepared.


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