Health is Wealth: How to be a healthier mom?

Nov 8, 2018 | Family & Life, Health is Wealth, Mommy Finds

Being a mom is a 24/7 job. Everyday, our role is to provide and attend to our family’s need, and sadly, nasa dulo ng list palagi ang sarili natin.

But mommies, we only have one body to care of. Our body is like a machine, It also needs proper maintenance in order to perform well. In our case, para mas maserve natin mabuti ang family natin, we need to take care of ourselves as well.


Here are some of the things we can do to be a healthier mom:


  • Exercise- I know, hindi madali ipasok ito sa routine mommies, but kahit 15-minute workout a day malaking help na daw sabi ng friend ko na into physical fitness. (May mga youtube exercise available online mommies) Pang 15-minutes 3x a week pa lang ang kaya ko sa ngayon haha!


  • Keep hydrated- always target to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Ako as much as possible dapat maka two & half ako ng tumbler na ito per day.

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  • Have enough sleep – I can relate to how sleep-deprived we are as moms, lalo kapag newborn stage ni baby. But sleeping for 7-8 hours a day can really improved our mood and focus mommies.


  • Have healthy snack options at home – nabasa ko ito sa magazine noon, palagi din i-eye level display ang healthy food on-the-go instead of chips and junk foods. Guilty ako doon, isa sa weakness ko talaga ang chips. Pero tama naman, we need to prepare healthy snacks for ourselves and for the whole family like fruits.


  • Relax – give yourself a break mommy kahit every two weeks na me-time. As I’ve shared last time, we need to set aside a budget for our self care.

  • Take vitamins & supplements – minsan wala talaga sa budget natin ang vitamins for ourselves mommies pero kahit generic brand vitamins malaking help na sa atin body. Must-have ko mommies ay vitamins C, B-Complex and noong nursing mom pa ako, malunggay capsule.


And did you know mommies na another supplement we can have are supplement drinks like Ensure. A friend shared na uminom sya nito to supply the lacking nutrients and pampalakas din siya mommies dahil sa mga vitamins like –

Untitled design-45

And infairness, it tastes really good kaya it really is a treat for us. Hindi lang ito perfect sa lolo and lola but even for us mommies (and sa mga hubbies too).


And the good news is may sale sila sa Shopee this 11.11. If bibili kayo, grab the opportunity para makadiscount kayo mommies. (Here’s the link


As they say, we cannot pour something from an empty cup. So we need to take care of ourselves in order for us to take care of our loved ones.


Tara mommies! Sabay-sabay tayo maging healthy!



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