Home-made Oreo Ice cream (No-machine needed)


I love Oreo and I love ice cream…
That’s why I love Cookies ‘n cream… :)

Few days ago, my little Zee saw an Ice Cream commercial and said
“Ice cream, more!” Hahaha.. Vey timely, a friend shared with me her ice cream recipe.

But I’ve revised it a bit by adding salt and vanilla extract,
but I think her ice cream looks yummier than mine haha..

This home-made recipe is perfect for holidays, you can also save 40-50% compared to local ice cream price not to mention that this can be a great family bonding plus you can also explore by using fresh fruist instead of oreos :)

Here’s how to make a no-machine and home-made Ice cream


2 pouch All purpose Cream
1 small can of condensed milk
2 drops vanilla extract
Pinch of salt


1. Chill the all purpose cream (atleast 15 minutes)
2. Whisk (better use an electric mixer) condensed milk, salt, vanilla and all purpose cream until the mixture gets fluffy.
3. Crushed the oreo cookies
4. Mix the cookies with the cream mixture
5. Transfer to your preferred container, freeze overnight!

Serve with a smile :)

Enjoy your home-made ice cream with your family,
Or bless a neighbor by sharing the joy!

“Celebrate Life, Today is Special”  Psalm 118:24

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