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Apr 16, 2014 | Family & Life



Are you on a budget too? 🙂

I think this is perfect for those who wants to have their “family devotion time” during the Lenten Season (without spending much).


Last Tuesday, I needed to attend a 2-day workshop in Mandaluyong City.

Since, I can’t leave my baby at home (breastfeeding and without a yaya),  hubby & I decided to look for a budget-friendly hotel.

And we found a perfect place where hubby and my little baby can stay while I am on my training.


What we love about Go Hotels:

  • Very accessible (beside Robinson’s Pioneer)
  • Affordable room rates (we had our room at PHP 1600+ Queen Size Bed & Breakfast for two at Tokyo Cafe)
  • Homey Ambiance
  • The super shower
  • Really friendly & accommodating staff (they allowed us to store my expressed breast milk on their hotels’ refrigerator)



How staying in the hotel helped us:

  • since it is near the workshop venue, I can just take a tricycle instead of bringing our car
  • save us time from travelling (approx. travel time from our house to the workshop venue is 2-4 hours one way x 2 if round trip)
  • I still breastfeed my baby, since the venue is near – hubby and baby dropped by the workshop during lunch break so I can feed my little boy.
  • hubby and baby strolled around the mall beside the hotel while waiting for me
  • buying food is easy because you can buy food in the mall (no eating allowed at the room, but they have tables where you can eat at each floor)
  • we had a sweet sleep






  1. Kat Santiago

    Great post! It’s nice to know there are budget hotels out there that don’t compromise quality 🙂 Sana allowed fOod inside the room, we love to eat in front of the TV. Hehehe

    • Gracie Maulion

      Hi Mommy Kat, sayang nga eh, pwede daw pero may fine na 1000 daw 🙂 hehe..
      Try nyo mommy 🙂 they have branches din sa mga top vacation destinations.

  2. Leira Bhagwani Pagaspas

    My husband works in the same building as Go Hotels and yet I have never been there..

    • Gracie Maulion

      Hello Mommy Leira, wow! Super near!
      They offer good rates and the rooms are really nice 🙂


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