Fashion is very close to my heart. When I was younger, I used to do photo shoots for the love of art and fashion…

When I became a mom, I thought my passion for fashion will fade, considering the stretch marks, wider hips and belly bags that I have now..

But it didn’t, I believe, our clothes and style speaks a piece of our personality so I thought of… Why not be in style with my toddler? In fact, clothing can be a playful bonding and part of motherhood.


Motherhood also taught me to be “frugal” aka “Tipid Mommy” but being a practical mom doesn’t mean, you cannot be a fashionable mom.

Sharing with you some Fashion-On-A-Budget Tips:


1. Know your style

Can you relate to many clothes  in the closet with their tags still on? Meaning, hindi pa nagagamit.. Why? Maybe because they’re not really your kind of style. By knowing what we love to wear, what we’re comfortable wearing, it will save us a lot of unused clothes or wasted fashion expenses.

a little extra that makes a new style-3

I love simple pumps and skin tone bags :) madali bagayan :)


2. Buy Pre-loved Clothes

I’m a member of one Facebook  group that sells pre-loved but well-loved items, you can buy branded, stylish clothes on a discounted price. Some clothes are only worn once or twice. I also sell my old clothes (that doesn’t fit to my mommy figure anymore) and use the fund to buy from co-group members.

 3. Accessorize

My style changed when I became a mom, I preferred simple and comfty look, I also love minimising my closet, by adding accessories to simple blouses or outfits, it actually can changed its look. One Blouse is enough for 3 different looks.

a little extra that makes a new style-2

This is one of my favourite necklace :)

Here’s a sample, my casual plain black dress, became extra stylish with fabric necklace accessory


4. Buy out of season

Do you need a summer OOTD? Buy during rainy season.. they’re on a big sale, and vice versa, because items priced real high on its peak season. Grab the chance for extra savings during end of season sale.

5. Set your fashion fund

By setting a margin for your clothing or personal care fund, you’ll be guilt-free to spend on clothes. And this also helps us moms, avoid over spending.

a little extra that makes a new style-4


What about you mommies? What are your Fashion On A Budget Tips and your Fashion Care tips? Feel free to share it with us!



54 thoughts on “Fashion-On-A-Budget

  1. Beautiful entry! Indeed mommies can still be stylish without breaking the bank!😊 Couldn’t agree more than the best household machine that we must invest to is a washing machine!😁

  2. Very useful tips, Mommy Gracie! 👍 I rummage through my mom’s closer to check of she still has old clothes that fits me and suits my style. Tipid at libre pa! 🤣

  3. Thanks for your fashion tipid tips, Gracie!

    When I became a mom, I wait until the clothes and shoes that I want to go on SALE. I buy those that I can wear for any occasion and something that I can match with what I already have.

  4. I’ve always liked your relaxed but stylish fashion style, Mommy Gracie :) Love your tipid tips! Super relate with #s 1 & 2! I should join that FB group that you mentioned, haha. And yes, agree with what you said about investing in an energy-saving and efficient washing machine. Should save you money for paying the Meralco bill and buying new clothes kasi may nadisgrasya.

    • Thank you mommy. And agree, long term ang benefits ng energy efficient appliances. Regarding the Facebook group, just search The Closet Raider :) madaming best deal sis.

  5. You really don’t need expensive clothing to look good. You don’t need branded ones to be fashionable. There are quality textiles that are affordable manufactured locally esp by start ups. I suggest overrun items if you want branded ones. I also buy preloved clothes and even at ukay ukays. You just really have to be creative in matching outfits or if you need ideas, just browse the internet. When it comes to really cheap clothes, I also like the idea of buying plain colors coz they look elegant and don’t look cheap. A good match is an accessory with opposite color, like the plain black dress with accessory you posted. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    • Oh I agree to buying plain colors sis, I also got an advice from a friend na visit Ukay Ukay doon daw sya nakakabili ng branded clothes sa mga Ukay sa Province daw even bags. I agree to supporting local clothing brands Mommy :) Love it!

  6. Gee… Neat tips!!! I agree that buying stuffs like shoes and bags that would go with almost all outfit is the best! Nakakatamad din magpalipat-lipat ng gamit especially for moms that has a million things to do and is always on the go. Thanks Gracie!!!

  7. Setting a fund for clothes best suits me sis Gracie. As for me, I used to go for a classic style. Kasi it never goes out of style kaya no need to buy so much clothes. Medyo hindi din ako sumasabay sa fashion trend, para hindi naman magastos. But everytime i dress up, i make it a point that i feel comfortable with the clothes i’m wearing. Also it’s good to invest on branded clothes because of its quality.

    • I agree sis, it is important na comfortable tayo sa clothes natin. I also love your tip to go for classic styles and invest on quality ones! :)

  8. Totally love all these! Very practical. I love the buying out of season thing. You can really save by doing this. Superb Gracie! 👍🏼

  9. Good things to know! I am not a mom yet but will eventually be in that season sooner. This blog opened my eyes on what moms’ experience and can do despite having little ones. A helpful lists of to do indeed! Thanks Tipid Mommy!

  10. Love these tipid tips! Nung dalaga pa ko medyo mahilig ako sa damit at kung ano anong keme, pero nung naging mommy ako hindi nako fashionista, hehe by choice narin pero isang bagay ang totoong nagbago sakin nung naging mommy ako.. yun ay ang maging wais at tipid. Kaya super bet ko ang washing machine na binanggit mo. We have a automatic one pero hindi tipid sa kuryente and malakas makaluma ng damit kaya mukhang perfect investment itong electrolux ultra care. :) thanks for sharing these tips Gracie! :)

  11. Wow! Naaliw ako sa photos mo! Didnt know you are ma -ART pala. Kse parang napaka simple mo lagi. Anyways, i love how Electrolux innovates.big help to us home makers. Alamo my next article talaga would be about the clothes I wear. Baka magulat ka rin hehe. Good job Electrolux! Nice tipid tips mommy! 😊

    • Hahaha! Sa Mom Blog Events sis, bihira ako mag-OOTD kasi for sure tatakbo toddler ko sa buong venue hehe! I can’t wait to see your OOTD photos mommy :) I agree to Electrolux Innovation very helpful to all home-makers.

  12. I’m doing some of these tipid tips! I love buying stuff pero I’m not very kikay at all. I don’t want to compromise my budget for the sake na “magkaroon ng bagong masuot”. Sometimes I would go to ukay or buy pre-loved clothes too. hehe.

  13. Yeah,agree with your tipid tips sis gracie..very useful and practical when choosing/buying clothes..especially to us who are moms already where every centavo counts :-P :-D

  14. Very useful po ang mge tips nio laking tulomg po sa akin minsan po kase kapag nag pupunta ko ng gatherings sa kagustuhan kong bonga ang damit hindi ako nagiging comfortable lalo meron akong 2kids na laging kasama , . . at saka ung sa mga tipid tips din 😊😊

    • I feel you mommy, kaya important to know the style that works on our current lifestyle din ano? Like before (3 years ago) nag turtle neck ako, nahiram ako magbreastfeed hehe :)

  15. yay.thanks for the tip,though im guilty of many clothes that has tag still on it but keep on buying and buying 😂. i do now buy preloved and sell too some of mine,mom like us should know how to save and value money because we cant really predict the future amd our expenses..

  16. Thank you for all your tipid tips. Honestly yung pagbili ng mga damit na hindi peak season ginagawa ko talaga yun e. Nag iipon na ako ng mga damit for summer habang rainy season pa ngayon, mura kasi next year naman magagamit na namin ng 5 year old daughter ko yung mga naipon kong damit and vice versa. Nagbuy and sell din ako ng mga preloved clothes masaya ako na nakakatulong kay hubby.

  17. I’m also doing your tipid tips except for the accessories, hindi ko naman carry yun. Okay na ko sa earrings. ;) I also wait for the out of season sale, laking tipid talaga.

  18. Ang tipid nga! I love your #ootd’s. I am not into fashion and makeup, lately lang talaga. But I do love twinning with my daughter. Not all the time though, ang mahal din kasi. “Buy out of season”, I doing this esp for my summer outfits. Laking tipid, ang mahal ng swimsuits pag peak season eh! Thank you for the tips, will do that fashion budget hehe!

  19. At the end of the day, it all comes down to budgeting. We don’t have budget for clothes kaya minsan, karambola kapag biglang nasira na ang shoes or clothes ng kids or kami, hihi. Yeah, I think that it’s great that online garage sales are now popular cause minsan, magaganda pa talaga but more affordable.

    • I agree, thankful na may online garage sales mommy.
      I can also relate sa “karambola” kapag nasira ang shoes or may event na biglaan na need attendan (formal attire) hihi.

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