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Oct 21, 2015 | Family & Life

Busyness of Mommy Life

When you become a mom, you will appreciate a  trip to the grocery alone, a shower time without an audience, an eat-out day or the “kitchen day-off” and having your hubby give your little one a bath.

But moms, we are also human, we are not a machine, nor a battery-operated toy. We need to “pause” , “breathe” and yes, we need R.E.S.T.

“Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest.”

Exodus 34:21


Last August, our family were blessed to have a staycation in “Shabby 1943 Unit”


Shabby 1943, is located at Wind Residences in Tagaytay City! It’s only a 2-hour drive from Manila. That’s why Tagaytay City, is a perfect go-to travel vacation for families like ours, who want to say bye-bye to the busy life in the City to unplug and “Selah” or Pause for a while.

Shabby 1943 is owned by Gementera Family. The lovely couple (a photographer and a copyrighter) got married in Tagaytay City and had many beautiful moments there, that’s how personal and close Shabby 1943 unit is in their hearts and you’ll see that on how they decorated their joyful space.


What our family loved about Shabby 1943 Unit that you’ll surely love too.

  • Interior Design the room has a really “shabby” interior design, making it refreshing, joyful and so relaxing.




Little Zee enjoyin’ the Taal Lake View from Shabby Room

  • A Place like Home- you will feel as if your at your own place.



  • Amenities – you can enjoy the facilities like the swimming pool (with additional fee) and the play area for kids and kids at heart 🙂

IMG_0893 IMG_0889

  • Accessibility – we wanted to take Zee to Sky Ranch, thankful that Shabby Condo is located like 5 minutes away from Sky Ranch. There are also restaurants, bank and convenience store available on the same building.


  • Picture Perfect – if you’re planning to have a funshoot as family, like we did, Shabby 1943 Condo is highly recommended, we love the natural light coming from the life-sized window, white walls and every piece of it.


Who says its bad to document memories? Our family loves taking photos, if you’ll notice we love to do funshoots 🙂 and that’s one lovely reason why we’ve decided to have a staycation last August, we did a funshoot documenting our breastfeeding moments because anytime soon Zee might already wean. (See our funshoot photos| Breastfeeding a beautiful memory)





Schedule your Shabby Staycation now lovelies: 

IG: @shabby1943

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: (0943) 39.17.170

(Shabby 1943 is perfect for mommy, daddy with 2 kids)



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