The quarantine made our Family closer and our Faith stronger

Jun 29, 2020 | Family & Life

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Our family used to live a mobile and on-the-go life. The past months of no outdoor meetings, no weekend malling, no field related work and alike made our family even closer.

As they say, the quarantine somehow became a reset button to many – family relationships, passion projects and even to the environment. 

But we also cannot deny the fact that there are many not-so-good things this virus brought all of us, na halos lahat tayo ay affected. 

Even if prepared ka financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically, I believe no one really is 100% prepared for this recent event we are all facing. 

As a mom, or parent, we don’t want to pass the hurt, pain that we adults are facing to our kids. 

Here are some of things that we did as a family that helped flourish our relationship more during the quarantine period:

  • Family Devotion – during the past days of uncertainty, our family believes that we can still hope for a better future because we know that God holds the future. Doing family devotion, praying together not just strengthens our family but most of all our faith in God. 
  • Simple Living – we are not living a grand life even before the quarantine, but we appreciate a simpler living even more. We enjoyed harvesting from our “Farm sa Paso” haha! Because we do not have a garden area in our small home but we have plants planted on pots. Simplified lifestyle made us appreciate things that matter more. 
  • Dreaming New Dreams Together – our small business is one of the hundreds or thousands businesses affected by the quarantine period. Our 10-year old small garment business was now closed. But we know that when a door closes, new opportunities will open. We are still in the process of finding the new business path. But like most small entrepreneurs now, we believe that closure and failure doesn’t mean dead end. 
  •   Serving Others As A Family- one thing we really admire about our nation is the spirit of “Bayanihan”. Iba talaga ang mga Pinoy! We are thankful that in our own simple ways, we can share whatever talent and blessing we have to others. It is also an opportunity for my husband and I to teach our son about generosity and servanthood – to help on and off cam. 

Serving others through our God given talent and God given influence – by sharing useful tips on budgeting, food storage, re-growing food and a lot more inside our mom community and on the blog page. Kahit may pinagdadaanan tayo sa buhay, hindi iyon hadlang para maging blessing tayo sa iba. Sabi nga in times of need, sow a seed.

  •     Being grateful everyday – we all can relate that we miss the old regular things we do – commuting, watching movies, going to parks or play areas, normal trip to Palengke or supermarket, seeing friends and visiting relatives. We honestly see all the value of things now that we cannot do them. 

But by counting our blessings big and small everyday, it reminded our family how faithful God is in our lives. There are really bad days, but when we look closely, there is always something we can be thankful for. 

As of this writing, we are facing many challenges as a family, aside from the business closure, cancelled trips and more. 

But this quarantine period made our family communicate with each other more, discover new things, connect with old friends online and bond more as a family. 

As a parent, when lockdown was announced, our main concern was our child. 

We are really hoping that in the eyes of our child, this quarantine period is not a bad memory, but a moment where my husband and I played with him, baked with him, spent movie nights with him and read him a lot of story books. We are hoping that he will recall these times not as a tragedy but a good childhood memory.

“Maybe spending family meals at home, spending more time with our kids, and living a simpler life based on necessity is the solution to more than just this virus” -Steve Dillender 

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

Yes, many not so good things happened, but the quarantine period made our family closer and our faith stronger.

Years from now we want to look back to this year saying “Wow! Nalampasan natin iyon lahat” 💕 

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  1. Kristine Joy Duran

    I so looove this! Lahat tumpak at totoo.. God bless sa inyong buong pamilya sis! ❤️

    • Gritchel Monterde

      This year, is a year to cherish all things small or big ..pag ang center nga naman ng pamilya mo ay si LORD malalagpasan natin lahat lahat ..Thank you po article na gawa nyo npaka inspiring ☺️

      • Cherielyn Fariola

        God bless you more and your family mommy ❤️🥰😍

      • berndeth

        ver inspiring po mommy😍😍
        yes more time and love for the family💕🙏

    • Angel Grace

      Family bonding is the most important thing para sa mga may pamilya 😊 lalo na kapag nasa center natin ang ating panginoon 😇 God bless mommy 😊💕

    • Nika hernandez

      Nkakainspire po 😊may God bless ur family all the time ❣️ more power po and more blogs to come 😊 stay safe

      • Gracia Arbilo

        Very inspiring and such a lovely family. Sobrang dami ng lesson na natutunan ko dito everyday. Thank you for sharing your journey saming mga mommies. ❤ Stay safe and gd bless ! 😍❤

    • Rita Sayangco

      Thank you for sharing your journey during the quarantine period. Nakakainspire. Sana kami rin mag asawa magkaroon ng ganyang quality time talaga. Pareho kase kmi frontliner. Super stressful during pandemic lalo may maliit na anak kmi.

    • Jaychelle Sunga

      Legit! Mas nakita ko milestone ng Todler ko ,

      • Shai Calma

        Legit! Super relate to this ❤️❤️

        • Isabel Melissa baylon

          Being with your family is the best. Have so much time to my little girl this pandemic. ❤️❤️

        • Ay Nin

          love love love ❤😍😘

        • Jeamielyn

          Nakakainspire at nakakarelate ❤️ More time to bond sa family. God bless po 😊

      • jhill

        true! medyo nakakastress pero marami parin tayong natutunan this pandemic.

        • jhilineth cantes

          true! medyo nakakastress pero marami parin tayong natutunan this pandemic

          • Jovelyn Jose

            Mas naging malapit kami ng family ko kay Lord mula nung nag quarantine at madami kaming na realize sa buhay buhay namin.

      • Marion Claudette Ordiano

        More time with the family and teaching our kids a lifelong learning activities..


      Tumpak na tumpak po mommy! Napaka-inspiring ng blog mo. Hanggat may time na pwede i-grab para maka-bonding natin family natin, i-grab na natin at gawing memorable. Madami ding pwedeng ma-discover na akala natin di natin kayang gawin dati, na yun pala sisiw lang para sa atin.

      Salamat sa lahat ng advice mamsh! Basta para sa family, go lang!

      God bless po. 💕

      • Joanne

        I just love your blogs…😇😇😇

    • rea medrano

      More time and love ❤

      • Realmie

        Ang galing ni zee mo momsh so thoughtful hoping ganyan din ang 4yrs old ko now paglaki niya nakaka proud maging parents, Tama po lahat ng sinabi mo po family and God is the most important in life God bless our family keep safe blessed to be a part of Tipid Living/Mommy group ❤️

        • Adelfa Arcede

          Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pamilyang sama sama, more time and sulit talaga ang bonding namin. ☺ Mas na realize namin ang halaga ng bawat oras ng magkakasama at higit sa lahat ang kumapit sa diyos.

    • honey rose francisco

      you will be able to have more time with them bond with them and share memories with them.always look to a brighter side of this pandemic.

    • lovelyjoy basa

      well sad , keep safe everyone ❤ love lang 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

    • Claire Castillo

      True. Make this time a great bonding with family, value every moment and enjoy life even at home. Thank you sa mga tips Mommy Grace ❤️ Stay safe to your family

    • Donna Ria Mahayag

      Marami talaga tayo natutunan ngayong pandemic at mga sinulat mo mommy Gracie ay totoo thank you for always reminding. God bless your family stay safe

    • Mavic Jingle Tadle Montero

      Yes this time it is more on family bonding at home! More time with each other 🥰

    • Cherill Jaro

      True po more time dapat.

    • Mariell Villanueva

      God bless to you and to your family madam!

    • Odessa L Monponbanua

      Legit po ito. God bless po. ❤️❤️

  2. Cha Macha Reyes

    I enjoy natin bawat oras kasama ang ating pamilya 💕💕

    • Meg miel

      Naenjoy ko na magkakasama kame lahat. Lalo na si hubby hehe

      • Irene Lita

        Mas marami kaming nagagawa together. Cooking, gardening, watching move, home school, gawaing bahay challenge. Super enjoy. Tpos video call both family para kamustahan.

    • Maria Ericka Dayao

      Family time is everything🤗 Thank you for sharing always!

      • Rodelyn

        Thank you . Such an inspiration.

    • Jenny

      Family first as always! Thank you for sharing all of this mommy! Dami ko natututunan dahil sayo! GODBless po! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Shanna Olatic

    Awesome. Thanks for these advices. Ill take this note wben i marry soon and have my own family ❤️God bless!

    • Charlene Cacao

      Thank you po sa advice..

      • Joybele Cajigal

        So true mommy 😊😊

    • Maureen Abejuro

      Quarantine make us realized how important our family is💖

  4. Robelyn corpuz

    Napakahirap maging mommy, lahat gagawin mo lahat susubukan mo. Hindi yong thought n dahil mommy ka kakayanin , gagawin mo, kundi dahil MAHAL mo ang family mo😊😊

    • eldy

      Godbless your family

  5. Jonna Cielo

    True! More bonding pa po. And mas nakilala pa lalo ang isat isa.

  6. Erlyn Castillo

    More time with family na hindi magawa dahil sa kaka trabaho para mapunan mga kailangan. Ngayon mas may time and more precious moments lalo na kapag kasama si God sa lahat. ❤️


      yes family get more closer and strong faith in GOD yan ang nagawang mabuti ng pandemic…happy bonding sa family ng lahat..GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY MAM

      • Roselyn A Jose

        Pinaka the best talaga yung sama sama ang buong family sa pagdarasal at maniwala kay Lord. 🙏


      No one can substitute the presence of our love ones in our hearts

  7. Meirene

    Inspiring family it is🤗

    • Lorlene Domingo

      “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. Joshua 24:15

      Your family is such an inspiration! I would love to have a household like this in the future. 😊

  8. Leeneth

    Good teachings mommy
    I love it

  9. Lorenz Michaelle Donato Sulit

    Thank you for this motivation and encouragement 🙂

    • Jemalyn

      Wow,such a great and amazing Mommie.
      You’re an inspiration

      • Lenny Joy Malagayo

        Mas lalong naging matibay ang pagsasama ng pamilya 😍

    • Arra

      Very inspiring 💕 God Bless your Family momsh ❤️

  10. Nichelle Sigua

    inspiring . 🤩😍

  11. Pearl Santos-Tabaco

    Such a wonderful blog! Great topic. 👍 Very inspiring. 💕

  12. Grace Ann

    Thanks Mommy for sharing, I love your activities as a family during the Community Quarantine. I’m thankful for the 2 months na mas nakasama ko ang family ko, at mas naalagaan ko sila. Blessing din sa akin ang Community Quarantine kasi mas naggrow ang relationship ko with my kids and my husband. ♥

    • Moni

      Let’s continue to be the mumzilla with a very loving touch to our kiddos!

    • Eleanor Cajandig

      more time for family i am truly blessed.
      Godbless to the family!

  13. Marjori Conchina

    Family devotion talaga ay mahalaga din ako binabasahan ko ng bible verse ang mga anak ko

  14. louise bannton

    lahat kaya natin..
    sipag at tyaga
    tiwala sa Dyos
    at mabuting pagsasama ng paminlya

    • Cecille tambot

      God bless your family❣

      • Rojean mae Lamsin

        Ang dami rin naming nagawa ng family ko nung quarantine mas naging close kami at talagang nagamit yung time ng mas mahaba.

  15. Kaye Cabas

    This pandemic taught us many things. Just like you Mommy. I have realize a lot. Just pray and one day everything will be alright.

  16. Rachelle


    • Jen Zapata

      Andaming tumatak sa isip ko ngayong pandemic. That life is short, enjoy every little thing with your family. Maging organized sa lahat, lumayo sa mga toxic na tao at palaging magdasal at magpa salamat sa diyos.

    • Dhel Manog

      This is true mas maraming oras na sa mga kids at more bonding ang ngyari sa pamilya.Ang daming natutunan sa panahon ng pandemic mas naging importante ang pamilya kesa sa anu pa man .

      • Ennister Smm

        ngayon natin narealize na andami palang blessings no?

  17. Divine

    Indeed more time with family strengthens the bond. <3

  18. Sophia Santos

    verry well said marami tayong mga bagay na na realized at marami tayong bagay na natutunan sa buhay

  19. Abby

    This is true. This pandemic gave us time to be more closer to our family.

  20. cathy mones

    Sobrang heart-felt itong blog mo na ito mommy Gracie 😍 couldnt agree more. Parang reset button ang nangyari sa ating mga buhay. May pros and cons pero ang mas importante, we count the blessings not the challenges 😊 thanks to the Lord, he made our faith stronger and higher than our worries and fears 😍

    • Zyra Aloba (zyian axel)

      Thank you momshie for sharing your experience to us and give us tips.

      Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na kahit nasa bahay lang walang gala may bonding pa din Ang buong family. At always be thankful to God sa lahat ng blessing 🥰

  21. Jasmin Palaganas

    Ahy tama po ito kahit sobrang laking epekto ng quarantine eh may mga pagsasama at pamilyang mas naging close at naging matatag ngayong nagquarantine kami ng asawa ko na talagang nasubok ng quarantine na to akalain mo yun no work no pay and sobrang problemado san kukuha o didiskarte ng pangkain at pano mairaos sa araw araw pero pray lang and maging masaya problema lang yan isang pamilya tayo and God will do the rest talaga!
    And Talagang nagkabonding and mas close pa tayo sa isa’t isa

    • Christine Sibayan

      Yes po. Totoo po. Nagkatime po kami sa maraming bagay. Kahit na mejo nakakapos dahil pareho kaming walang naging work, masaya kami. Nagkatime kami sa isa’t-isa pati sa mga anak namin. 😊 At salamat din kay Lord dahil kagit ganun, di nya kami pinababayaan.

  22. Irene bagunas

    Tunay ngang naging matibay ang pagsasama ng isang pamilya ngayong quarantine kahit minsan nag aaway dahil sa maling pag gogrocery ni mister, pero keri lang 😁 at isa pa ang bonding ng pamilya ay nagbago, sabay sabay kumain, hati hati sa gawaing bhay at nag focus sa health. Higit sa lahat tumibay ang pannalig sa diyos.

    • Mae Ann

      Thank you for the advice 😊

  23. Hannah Grace Anthony

    I hope we also have our child with us. He’s with my mama and been there for a couple of months. I wasn’t able to get him because it would be risky to both of us. He just turned 1 this june and i miss him so much. Thankfully there is a kind neighbour that allows them to connect to their internet for free. Yea, there is no phone signal there but internet signal, they have. Part of me is still happy because Oriental Mindoro is once again Covid19 Free and my baby is safe there. Thank You God for always guiding us and for keeping us all safe.

  24. Jemalyn Gomez

    Wow great inspiration Mommie.

    • Steffi June Mabognon

      Godbless po sa family niyo.. 😇

  25. Ricaella Caranza

    Nice mommy. Try ko din po ito sa family ko. Very Helpful 💖

    • Mary Joy G. Mendoza-Taan

      “A single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.” – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

      How often do we remember to give thanks? Our family even more appreciates our true wealth amidst pandemic. That is good health. We don’t have much but we were able to survive this tough situation we are all facing. We collect courage through praying to Him. On the positive side, this pandemic strengthen the bond of our family ever more and to value one another, to live simply and to be grateful.

  26. gemma serraon

    that is so true.. nagkatime pa si mommy sa mga makukulit na chikitung

  27. Marnelie Henlo

    Thanks for sharing, all so trueeee😊 very inspiring!

  28. Jane Matula

    Thank you for sharing this one way or another, i can relate and was touched by how much you care to your child and family.

  29. Rona Vergara

    Thanks for this! Such a good read in times like this.

  30. Janet

    So happy that we had bonding time during ECQ..

  31. Edzen Doctor

    Such an inspiration po mommy🥰❤️

  32. Mary Jane L. Santos

    True. My husband no work no Pay.stressfull di ba pero dahil we need to be strong ako nag online selling while sya taga deliver.along thw way naging mas magkatulong kami sa pag aasikaso ng mga anak namin we have 3kids, si mister di maselan help takaga sya sa gawain bahay. Then nagkainteres sa planting sakin sya nagsasabi ng want nya itanim ako nagpoprovide aince ako ang raketera ngayon at laging nasa labas sya more on house husband. Kinda mas naging ok ang communications ngaun. Same sa mga anak nmin. Mas fulltime na ang bonding nila/namin since kumpleto kmi sa bahay

  33. Syra Ann L. Malabanan

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 same here, mas nagkaron ako ng time sa mag ama ko. Yung pgkakaron ng covid may negative and positive effect saamin, negative in a way my husband lost his job and ako nabawasan pasok at syempre nakakatakot ung covid, positive side mas dumame time namin mag bonding and natutukan ko anak ko and nakapagrest kame from workload. Pero sypre sana matapos na yung covid 🙂

    • Maria Castada

      Grabe! Nakakainspire yung mga ganito. Iba yung naging epekto ng covid sa atin lalo na sa ating mga mommy’s! Nagkaroon tayo ng time para sa pamilya! Naalagaan pa natin ng lubos yung mga anak natin at asawa itong sinasabing quarantine para sa akin hindi ito pagstay lang sa bahay eh, the best! Lagi na tuloy ako maiinspire sa araw-araw na mas lalong mamahalin ng mamahalin ng sobra ang Pamilya. Dahil sila ang kayamanan natin.

    • Irish Gique

      Thanks for sharing 💕
      GodbLess everyone❗️

  34. Cristina Viernes

    Yes this is true. Dahil sa pandemic na to may mga narealized din ako. As a working mom mahirap pagsabayin ang work tsaka pamilya kasi mas mahaba pa ung oras na nagugugol ko sa trabaho kesa sa pamilya ko. Kaya ngayon wala akong work mas naaalagaan at naaasikaso ko ung pamilya ko.

  35. Lovely Rose

    Very nice mommy! I’ll try this 💕

  36. Ana Morillo

    Iba talaga ang naging epekto sa atin ng covid na ito mommy. Yung pamilyang dating walang time sa isa’t isa ,ngayon ,nagkakasama sama at nakakapagbonding pa. Siguro para skin eto yung magandang naidulot ng pandemyang ito sa pamilya ko dahil naging mas malapit kami sa isat isa .

  37. Graziella Covar

    Ye agree ma. Madame tayong narealize na mas mahala simula nung naglockdown. Mas naapreciate natin ang simpleng bagay. Mas naging grateful ako kase atleast hind kame nawalan ng pagkain given na nawalan din ng work si hubby at kababalik lng sa work recently at sobrang grateful ako na hindi kame nagkakasakit! Salamat sa Panginoon sa proteksyon naway lahat bigyan mo ng magandang kalusugan lage!

  38. Diana

    Your posts are so inspiring not just for Mommies but for singles too.

  39. honey rose francisco

    you will be able to have more time with them bond with them and share memories with them.always look to a brighter side of this pandemic.

    • Arlin G

      Wow! Such an inspiratuon, i know how to sew and my dream is to have a garment business.i also like gardening, gusto kong mamana ng mga anak ko 😍 before, weekends ko lang nakaksama baby ko now 2 na sila araw araw ko ng kasama . At the age of 26, namatayan ako ng baby, first baby ko. Ngayon narealize ko na may mas importante kesa yung kumita lang ng pera. Sobrang saya kahit may araw na hindi na ako kumakain at pagod dahil graveyard shiftko. this quarantine is really giving me much time sa babies ko, hindi kailangang gumastos para sa bonding 😍😍😍

  40. Sharon Ann Ansok

    Relate much😍😍 God Bless your family 🙏

  41. Carla

    Thank you for sharing this! God bless your family ♥️

  42. Rosalie Tangonan

    I really like working from home after my early retirement. I can accompany my parents at home.

  43. Steph

    Trueee! Very inspiring 💕

  44. Jonna

    I agree po momsh . Ngayong pandemic madami tayong narealize at natutunan . Lalo tayo nag karon ng time para makipag bond sa family naten . Narealize naten na importante na mag impok para may madudukot sa panahon na tag gutom .

    • Babeth Arcede

      More bonding, more love, more kisses and hugs. ☺ Ang sarap lang na marami kaming na spend na oras ng mag ama ko.

  45. Kristina Joy

    Nice article about family mommy. Family is a great blessing from above. We should cherish every moment we spend with them. God bless you mommy and your family. ❤️


    Isang mapagpalang araw mga ka TL!
    Itong panahon nang Quarantine maraming bagay ang aming nadiskubre sa bawat isa sa aming pamilya tulad nang kahit walang trabaho si Mister sa loob nang halos 4 na buwan lahat pala nang pagsubok ay kakayanin kung ang mga miyembro nang pamilya ay sama-samang haharapin ang hamon nang buhay. Sa panahon din nang quarantine ang mga taong dati any tinatawag lang naming “kaibigan” sila ngayon ay kabilang na sa aming “Pamilya” bakit? Dahil sa mga oras na iyon walang wala talaga kami March 16 or 17 nag anunsyo nang lockdown at sa di inaasahang pagkakataon ako po ay isinugod sa ospital nang March 15,2020 dahil sa severe asthma attack.. kaya nang mag anunsyo nang ECQ wala kaming ipon😔😭 naibili na nang mga nireseta kong gamot.. ang aming mga kaibigan/ kapitbahay ang tumulong sa amin (take note hindi kami lumapit sa kanila bagkus kusa silang nagpa abot nang tulong nag chat lang po sila sa akin nang kamusta dahil alam nga nila galing ako sa ospital at sa balita nagsasabi na walang trabaho sa mga oras na iyon-si Mister lang ang nagtratrabaho), meron kaming unica hija na 13 yrs. old sa panahon nang ECQ tinuruan namin sya nang iba pang gawaing bahay tulad nang pagluluto, naging masaya ang aming gawaing bahay dahil lahat po kami ay nagtutulungan(si Mister sa mga bagay na dapat ayusin tulad nang mga sirang tubo, bubong- ako naman sa paglilinis nang kusina at luto at ang aming anak ay nakatoka sa paglilinis nang bahay.. tulong tulong naman kami sa paglilinis nang banyo at bakuran) sa panahong ito hindi naging madali ang buhay ngunit dahil sa aming taimtim na pagdarasal bilang isang pamilya may mga taong ipinadala ang Diyos upang maging instrumento nang kanyang mirakulo’t pagpapala at kami’y buhay na patunay na kung ang pamilya ay sama-sama lahat ay kakayanin maging anuman ang sitwasyon sa ligaya man o kasawian🥰🥰 Mabuhay tayong lahat🙏🏻🎊💖

  47. Lea

    Very nice and timely. Thanks for this momsh! 🙂

  48. Cherielyn Fariola

    Andami ko natutunan this pandemic have more time in our family is the best .God bless you more mommy & your family as well 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  49. Mary Joy D. Ebido

    Thank you for the inspiring message. God Bless always 😊

  50. Rizalina Daleon

    Dahil sa quarantine,lubos ko nakilala mga ugali ng mga in laws ko.and now ko lang na realize na sa lahat ng kabutihang ginawa ko sa kanila may kulang pa pala😔

  51. Analinda Tapanan

    That feeling of being a mother who is far away from her family in this pandemic melts my heart reading this true to life story. A lot of lesson brought this pandemic to each one of us.
    God bless to your family
    Keep safe
    Cheerish every moment together
    Time is gold
    Do not wait tomorrow what you can do for today

  52. Reggie Gaile Catacutan

    i really need this kind of inspiring story especially this time. this serves as a reminder for everyone. though this new normal may take much longer than we expect, keeping up while our feet on the ground will help us stand. God bless everyone <3

  53. Eli Gab

    This is very inspiring mommy. I hope magawa ko rin to with my son ♥️

  54. Gianna Santos

    You definitely inspired a lot of moms like me! Thank you for spreading positivity!

  55. Maja Buenconsejo

    “A family that prays together stays together.”

    A classic saying that can still be applied up to now. Im not yet a mom but I can relate to all your experiences during this quarantine period. One of the lesson Ive learned is to be grateful for the people and things you have at the present. Thank you for inspiring us!

  56. Rowena T. Arboleda


  57. Joan Pasajol

    Sa panahon ng pandemia dito natin nadama ang tunay na kahalagahan ng pamilya,pagmamahal at pagtutulungan…


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