D.I.Y First Birthday Photoshoot

It was not a bright sunny day, but still, we’ve decided to have a “Fun Shoot” for Baby Zee’s First Birthday Invitation and for a mom’s purpose of documenting every first of her son.

Things needed:

  1. Camera (We used our photobooth DSLR)
  2. Props (We used Balloons, Chalkboard Facts about Zee, Outfit sets for baby)
  3. Nice and Near Venue (Taken at Luneta, Manila City)
  4. Assistant (my sister, Rina)
  5. Stylist (yours truly hihi ^^)
  6. Photographer (didi “daddy”)
  7. Subject (Baby Zee – the birthday boy!)

Total Savings:

PHP 4,000 (Outside studio photo shoot cost around PHP 5,000, but since we ate dinner, pay the entrance {Children’s Playground}, gasoline and toll fees expenses we have around PHP 1,000 expenses that day, not bad.. right?)

Here are some tips if you’re planning to have a DIY photoshoot with your little one:

It is important to determine his happy time :)

zee2 zee3

You don’t need to be a photo shop savvy, there are many photo editing websites now :)

zee4 zeee

zee7 don’t forget to have fun :) let your little one enjoy the moment and explore the world..


I love this set (but sad that its kinda blurred) 

use cute props

And don’t forget to have a family portrait..


Oopps.. and have a “theme” In our case, our concept is COLORS + Nature :)

Sharing with you this quote that I’ve read before:

 “You don’t capture photograph, you make” :)

“Celebrate Life, Today is Special”  Psalm 118:24


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