(No Bake) Chocolate Cake Recipe


This method of making a cake is really easy and newbie-friendly, perfect for beginners and frustrated bakers like me :) No Oven? No problem. All you need is a steamer (rice cooker, stove top steamer) And for this recipe, I will be using Maya Chocolate Cake Mix, it’s affordable and proven really yummy! They also have butter cake mix, banana cake mix, even the Bibingka Cake Mix and a lot more… 


“No Bake Chocolate Cake”


1 box Maya Chocolate Cake Mix (one layer cake)

1 egg

1/2 cup water

3 tbsp cooking oil


Boil :            prepare your steamer, allow water to boil

Brush :        brush oil or butter to your desired cake pan

Combine:     combine egg + water + oil + cake mix in a bowl and use wooden spoon to mix and stroke the mixture until  smooth (about 80-100 strokes)

Pour:           pour the cake mixture in the cake pan, spread evenly and cover it with aluminum foil or cheese cloth

Steam:        place the cake pan in the steamer, steam it for 20-35 minutes or until done, you can check it using a toothpick

Viola! You now have a moist, soft chocolate cake!  My husband and my little Zee love this cake. I usually serve it with butter or chocolate frosting :)


Super Moist & Soft

Frosting Ideas:

  • Top it with cream and fruit
  • Butter cream frosting
  • Caster Sugar
  • Chocolate Syrup and cherry
  • Condensed Milk
  • Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Use the cake to make Ice Cream Cake

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