Aquaria Beach Resort (Review)

Sep 2, 2014 | Family & Life

If you’re going to ask me and my husband what our happy place is, that would be BEACH!

So if you are looking for a resort near Manila, why not check out a new place we’ve found in Calatagan, Batangas πŸ™‚

My husband proposed to me atΒ theΒ beach (Matabungkay, Batangas) ,

we exchanged our vows in aΒ beach too (Laiya, San Juan Batangas).

Then, we celebrated our Wedding Anniversary still atΒ theΒ beach (Boracay, Aklan)

And since our Baby Zee turned ONE last May 28, 2014, we’ve decided to celebrate it in a beach. Β hehe.

Then we saw AQUARIA BEACH RESORT online, Β a new beach resort in Playa, Calatagan, Batangas. It is part of Playa Calatagan’s Leisure Tourism Estate developed by Landco. From ManilaΒ travel time is 3 hours.


Here’s their admission rates for non unit owner:
inclusion: pool usage, beach and shower

Adult – PHP 400

Child (4ft tall) – PHP 200

The Birthday Boy wearing his PERSONALIZED B-day Details Shirts from Tiny Thinkies πŸ™‚


Things to bring for your baby’s first swimming/beach experience:

  1. Rash Guard
  2. Floater
  3. Sunblock for babies
  4. Shampoo, soaps, toothbrush
  5. Bath Towel/ Bath Robe
  6. Beach Blanket
  7. Hat
  8. Extra Clothes


Aquaria’s Design is very fresh, modern and colorful..



Trying out some cake smashing moment.. but “Tikim Tikim” lang daw si Baby Zee πŸ™‚ hehe..


After the cake smashed photo πŸ™‚ The cake still looks good (hahaha, ambait ni Zee)

We bought this cutie cake from “Cakes R Us” SM MOA, I asked them to make it ocean themed Β πŸ™‚

IMG_5759nstead of PHP 1000)

ZeeΒ withΒ Mimi πŸ™‚ They have really great landscaping designs.

The place looks safe for kids.. This made the resort great for family get-away.


Pool timeΒ with Didi, I’m sure your kids will love this area – my Zee loves the fountain…


The sand…Β not so white.. not so brown.. its CREAM πŸ™‚

The sea is calm, clear and bluish.. This beach looks like a virgin island.. perfect if you want to relax and unwind..

IMG_5922 IMG_5753 IMG_5946

The Cottages

IMG_5757 - Copy

The resort doesn’t have any rooms, we’ve rented a table for PHP 200 only…

They have a restaurant, we’ve tried their chopseuy & calamari..

But if you wish to bring your own food, its ok πŸ™‚ there’s no corkage fees.


Refreshing Melon Shake…



Breastfeeding along the shore? Love it!


Family Shots πŸ™‚ Thankful to God for this wonderful day, for His beautiful creations,

for Baby Zee’s healthy year, for the gift of motherhood and parenting, for a cool husband,

for a beautiful weather, for a reason everyday to celebrate Life…



For more information about the resort:

Aquaria Beach Resort (Facebook Page)


  1. Mommy Jen

    Oh! I badly want to bring James to the beach too.. This was a great break for the busy city. And it is cheap ha! Really loved it! I like the sand too ayoko kasi ng black eh hehehehe. =)

    • Gracie Maulion

      Yes sis, the beach resort is perfect for family day
      Especially for bigger kids, ganda ng mga slides nila hehehe πŸ™‚
      And yes, reasonable price πŸ™‚


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