5 Tips for BOOSTING Breast Milk Supply

Some people are amazed that I am still breastfeeding Zee (2 years & 2 months).. Some find it weird and too much… they are like “Hey! you’re still breastfeeding?”…. but there are people who ask me what am I doing to maintain my milk supply?


I am happy to share with you what worked for me and prayerfully will work to you as well:


1. Malunggay Hot Choco / Coffee – before I was a coffee addict, but caffeine can cause dehydration that will make mommy’s milk supply low. Glad that there are mompreneurs who developed choco/coffee mix for breastfeeding moms. (Mother Nurture, Kultura in SM Department Store’s Malunggay Coffee)

2. Malunggay Capsule – Yes! Malunggay again! Since we do not have any milk expense, we included this capsule budget that helped me a lot (I used life oil and moringana before but there are also other brands available in the market) not only it will increase your milk supply, it can also help your skin to glow. We also use Malunggay Powder now that can be added to steamed rice and any meal.



3. Lots of fluid- water became my best buddy, fruit juices and even soups or viands with lots of sauce/liquid helped me a lot. My favorite is Tinola, not only because its soupy, you can also put malunggay leaves on it. Its like hitting two birds in one stone.

4. Lactation cookies – yes, there’s a thing called “lactation cookie” and it does work. Its a yummy treat for breastfeeding moms. A great excuse to eat sweets. (hehe!) ((Crumbs and Grubs & Mama Chows)

5. Stay positive- being a mompreneur is very stressful, it is important to listen to your body alarm, to pause and reflect always, to pray for your amazing body to produce more milk, to stay grateful and positive because stress can lower your¬†milk supply. But good thing is, breastfeeding can lower mom’s stress because¬† nursing triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin promotes nurturing and relaxation.

There you go! Hope these tips will help you increase your milk supply.

Always remember also that its a “Demand and Supply” thing… the more you breastfeed or pump, the more milk you will produce for your baby.








Happy Breastfeeding!



12 thoughts on “5 Tips for BOOSTING Breast Milk Supply

  1. Congrats! I breastfed my son until he was almost 3 so don’t be fazed. For me, the most important thing that worked was just regular latching.

  2. Wow galing 2 years and 2 months you still have milk pa. I stopped before he turned two years old maybe because I don’t have any supplements for milk I just have vitamins and fluids.

  3. Great tips. Indeed, lots of fluid. I also took malunggay capsules and I wish I knew about the choco drink, too. I’m still breastfeeding until now, my baby is almost 2, but not exclusively, sadly, even from the start, my milk wasn’t enough. Tinry ko magpump dati para makita bakit gutom pa rin sya after magbreastfeed, hay naku, todo na 2 ounces from both breasts, yung pump pa na maganda gamit. Oh well, mas magaling naman ang baby magpalabas ng gatas kesa sa pump so sana mas madami sya nakukuha, kahit na magformula pa rin sya after kasi gutom pa, haha.

  4. Wow Gracie, you’re amazing! I really admire women like you who are dedicated in breastfeeding their children hanggang sa kaya. I agree with you, breastfeeding on the onset is not easy. But if you’re committed to it…the supply will just flow. Cheers to all breastfeeding women! ;) Keep on inspiring.

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