10 Breastfeeding Myths in the Philippines

Aug 8, 2017 | Mommy Finds

Being a first time mom to my son, there are many advices and tips from other people. I really appreciate mommies who are more experienced than me who’ve helped us in our journey. But there are also people who’ve shared“myths” that I thought was true until experts busted it off!

I compiled the myths mommies to help co-breastfeeding moms especially the new ones to be informed:ย 

1. Wag itataas ang kamay sa may ulo baka humina ang milk supply – postures and gestures doesn’t affect the mammary glands inays, so this is not true!

2. Wag magpadede pagkainom ng malamig na tubig, kakabagin si baby – even a mom who drinks soft drink can breastfeed her baby (but ofcourse mas ok if healthy food choices mommies)

3. Uminom ng kape pampalakas ng gatas – caffeine can cause dehydration that may affect a mom’s milk supply, but don’t worry mommies who are “coffeeholic”, a breastfeeding mom can still enjoy 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

4. Ma-dedede ni baby ang masamang pakiramdam ni mommy – the more mommy’sย feeling sick, the more she needs to breastfeed her baby.. Because breast milk has antibodies that protects the baby from illnesses and diseases (para hindi mahawa kay mommy, for serious illnesses kindly coordinate with your physicians)

5. Kapag maliit ang cup size konti din ang milk supply- kahit flat or cup D, we can all breastfeed! Our milk supply doesn’t depend on the breast size.

6. Dapat mixfed para mas matibay ang buto ni baby – not true, wala ng mas susustansya pa sa gatas ng ina.

7. Wala ng nutrition ang breastmilk after 2 years – there are many studies that proved the benefits of extended breastfeeding. So until kaya go mommies!

8. Yung kanan rice, yung kaliwa ulam – ito pinakafavorite kong myth ๐Ÿ™‚ but mommies, not true! Both breasts produces the same healthy milk.

9. Wag mag-parebond at pedicure kapag nagbebreastfeed – since we can save more by providing the best milk and free milk to our babies, pwedeng pwede tayo magpabeauty mommies! (Kahit once a month.) pwedeng magpatreat ng hair or pedicure, wag nalang isama si baby kapag masyadong matapang amoy sa spa or parlor.

10. Naku! Tataba ka kapag nagbreastfeed kasi palagi kang gutom – actually mommies proven na mabilis magpapayat ang breastfeeding, pero I agree din sa palaging gutom. But you actually burn calories (naturally) every time your body makes milk or nurse your baby.

There you go! mommies… Hope this list helped you and if you have additional busted myths regarding breastfeeding, please share with us naman!


Happy breastfeeding month!


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