How to build the habit of saving and investing?


Naalala ko yung part ng book ni Coach Chinkee Tan, na mas madali pa mag-ipon ng taba “bilbil” kesa sa pera. Aruy! Di ba? Funny but true naman.   Minsan, sobrang excited na tayo mag-save pero patapos na yung month, hindi … Continue reading 

Mom’s Day Out : A “Queen-like” Pampering Experience

We women, love to wear many hats all at the same time. As for me, being a hands-on mom to Zee, doing household chores, running a small business and managing a blog is not easy.

I know moms can relate to that feeling of
“Wow 9:00am na, tulog pa sila! Yehey!”

Because that means… extra time for yourself, for some really quiet moment, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a real “hot” cup of coffee, an extra 5 minutes in the shower and time to answer emails and messages.. but these scenes only happen once in a blue moon..



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