Wheatgrass great for acid reflux

Its been almost two years since I stopped drinking coffee. From 4 cups a day to nothing, anghirap talaga. I know moms with acid reflux can relate kung gaano ka-hirap mag-adjust sa mga food.

And on my journey to being a healthier mom, a friend shared about Wheatgrass, and how this product helped her sa Gerd or Acid Reflux nya.

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So I gave it a try and it helps! Nag-calm yung stomach ko, lessen din episodes ng heart burn. Pero mas nagulat ako na hindi lang for acid ang wheat grass marami pa syang health benefits:

1.Tummy Healthy
It is an alkaline food, which is good for people with acidity problems or digestive related issues. Kaya ito na ang iniinom ko every morning before breakfast.

2. Help in weight loss
It made me feel full and less hungry, additional bonus lang ang slimming effect nya sa iba pang nutritional benefits. Some says it is because of its health benefit to thyroid gland that makes metabolism fast kaya nakakapayat. Alam nyo naman, if overweight tayo, mas prone to diabetes, hypertension and other disease.

3. Makes the skin more radiant
It is rich in vitamins like Vitamin A & C even amino acids like glutathione that makes your skin clearer and brighter. Napansin ko parang may rosy effect sya. Ito ata ang isa sa favorite effect ko! haha!

4. Natural super food
Imagine yung 1 sachet equivalent to 10 kilos of vegetable. Kaya ok din sya ihalo sa mga recipes at home mommies eh, para sa mga kids natin. It is made up of 70% chroloropyll super healthy!

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5. Remove Toxins
It purifies the body, it helps remove toxins, cancer causing agents kaya mas malakas din ang immune system.

Paano ko sya iniinom? 
Ok sya sa empty stomach so 15-30 minutes before breakfast or before bed time

1 sachet to 1 glass of water (stir using wooden/plastic spoon)

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What are the flavors available?
It is avaiable in pure, lemon and honey.
My personal favorite is the honey flavor, ansarap nya! Minsan yung pure binibili ko tapos hahaluan ko nalang ng honey. 

May side effects ba?
So far wala akong napansin sa akin, pero nakaka-cause ng nausea daw kapag nasobrahan sa intake. So recommended talaga ay twice a day (morning and before bed time).

It is recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant moms?
Better consult your physician before taking this product.

Can it be taken by kids?
Yes na yes, yung 5 year old boy nainom into and like na like nya.

Is it yummy? Masarap ba?

Yes, especially yung honey flavour, pero si little boy ko gusto nya even yung pure. Masarap daw ito haluaan ng yakult hindi ko pa na-try update ko tong post once ma-try ko. Yung pure, lasang  grass, if you’re into matcha you’ll surely love the pure one.

Where to buy?

Available in leading drugstores. Even sa Lazada.

Honey P590 (15 sachets)

Lemon P1095 (25 sachets)

Pure P990 (30 sachets)


Tipid Tip: Go to Easy Pha-max social media accounts ; they regularly run promos and discounts. Like before, nakabili ako 2 canister get the third canister for only 1 peso. Sayang rin yun ha!


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Hope this review about the product helps you too mommies, I’m currently exploring alkaline-rich diet, update ko pa kayo mommies on other product, recipe discoveries.

Let’s always remember that we cannot give from an empty cup, nalungkot talaga ako na nagkaroon ako ng acid reflux, pero parang reminder din ito ni Lord sa akin na, I need to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. That our body is only loaned to us, we need to be good stewards of our body, it is also an act of worship kay God. Sara di ba momshies.. “health is wealth”.



6 thoughts on “Wheatgrass great for acid reflux

  1. Hi, Mommy Gracie!
    Thanks for sharing. Did you consult a doctor first before you tried it? Or okay lang sya kahit no consultation? I’m drinking lemon water kasi in the morning before breakfast. If I’m going to drink this too, which one should be done first kaya? :)

    Thanks much again! :)

    • Honestly, hindi haha! since alkaline naman sya mommy and natural food. Pero syempre better consult your doctor muna :) available sya sa drug store without prescription kaya naisip ko safe naman sya 😃

      • Mommy baka better din if si wheatgrass muna, para ma-observe mo ung effect sayo :) pero I’ll ask from their team baka may ma-suggest sila. Are you acidic too?

  2. Hello! Thank you for sharing. I’m having a hard time with my gerd as well. Pati antacids hindi gumagana. May I know how long did you notice the positive effects of wheatgrass for your gerd after you have used it?

      • Hi sis! On my third day na rin. Pero I noticed the difference on my second day pa lang. Wala na yung feeling na may nakastuck sa throat ko tapos hindi na rin nangangasim yung tyan ko. Although the bloating is still there, I don’t see the need to use antacids anymore.

        More than 5 months ako nagtake ng kung anu anong gamot na advised ng doctor pero nothing seemed to improve my condition. I even stopped drinking coffee, tea, alcholoc drinks, and lemon juice too – total change in lifestyle. It felt like my it has taken over my life na nga.

        Thank you for wheatgrass. This is my first time to try alternative medicine for my gastritis and gerd. Thank you Lord it worked and thank you for this blog too. Super laking ginhawa. 💚

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