What moms need to know about Japanese Encephalitis?

Are you one of those moms like me, who panicked when the news about JE victims circulated online?

It was very alarming to hear this but the good news is wala tayong dapat ika-worry, dahil wala pang outbreak ng JE sa Pilipinas mga inays.



Last September 13, FDA (Food and Drug Association) and Sanofi Pasteur (JE vaccine manufacturer) have come together to shed light about the nature of this disease and its prevention.

What is Japanese Encephalitis?

  • it is caused by the JE virus spread by infected mosquitoes (culex species)
  • characterised by inflammation of the brain (encephalitis)
  • there is no specific treatment for this disease

Who is at risk for JE?

  • Predominantly found in rural and agricultural areas
  • JE is found in all regions of the Philippines
  • Affects mostly children below 15 years of age

What is the current data in the Philippines?

  • 133 patients diagnosed.. between January 1 and August 26 this year
  • 53 cases were recorded in Central Luzon
  • 9 deaths recorded

Symptoms of JE:

  • High fever – a reading at or above 100 °F / 37.8 °C (Quick Tip: To convert a temperature reading of 37.7 Celsius to Fahrenheit or similar, you simply times the temperature reading by 1.8 and add 32 to the product.)
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • and in severe cases – seizures, spastic paralysis and coma

How do we prevent JE?

  1. Avoid Mosquito Bites
  • use insect repellant, bed nets
  • wear proper clothing (pants, pyjamas, long sleeved clothes etc.)
  • coils, vaporizers and other mosquito control measure
  • reduce exposure during peak biting hours (dusk to dawn)

2. Vector Control Measure

3. Vaccination

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), the most effective way of reducing JE disease burden is through human vaccination

About the JE Vaccine

The JE-chimeric vaccine (JE-CV), a live attenuated recombinant vaccine, was first licensed in the Philippines in 2013.

The vaccine is produced by Vero cell culture, a cell culture technology recommended by WHO.

Plano na rin daw ito isama sa Nation Immunization Project ng DOH sa mga health centers mommies, kaya if wala talagang extra budget, pwede natin intayin ‘yun.

How many dose of JE Vaccine does my child need?

For 9 months old to 17 years old = 1 primary dose, followed by a booster dose 1-2 years after

For 18 years old above = 1 primary dose


Is it safe for pregnant and lactating mothers?

It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.


Where to get the vaccine?

Get the vaccine only from your physician or child’s pediatrician.

Sanofi Pasteur is the duly licensed manufacturer of the JE Vaccine in the country and distributed by Zuellig Pharma. Unauthorize distribution are at risk of low quality or may be counterfeit – may not be effective and may not be safe for human. Kaya mas mura nga iyon mommies but hindi guarantee ang safety at authenticity plus may kailangan pang certain degree  ng temperature or “cool chain” para sa vaccine na ito kaya naka-ref ito mommies.


How much is the vaccine?

The price depends on the hospital and pediatrician but rough estimate is around P2500-P5,000/shot.


Hope this information about JE and JE Vaccine helps you mommies!

As mom’s, information is one of our weapons to protect our families from these kind of diseases but above all else, let’s not forget to pray for our family’s health and  protection against any disease. Keep safe mommies!



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