Thinking of starting a kid’s vlog?

Vlogging or having a blog in the form of a video is very in demand in these era. Even bloggers are now transitioning to vlogging. 

I started vlogging few months ago but I wanted to learn more. Thankful that I’ve attended a vlogging workshop last month and as I always say, learning is always a good investment both of our time and money.

True enough, andami kong natutunan at refresher sa mga learnings ko before na nalimutan ko na, haha! It is intended for kids but it is suitable even for adults.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned and love about the workshop: 


  • Good speakers- Omni and Bryce’s style and energy really suits the kids. They were not bored and eagerly listened to the speakers. 


  • Knowing the why- I love how the workshop taught the participants that we should be clear on why we want to start vlogging. I believe more than the internet fame, we all need to have a deeper reason why.
  • Learning filled – from the foundation of vlogging up to the needed tools they’re able to share it to the audience, the hands on activities also made it more engaging and beneficial to participants. 


Kids were also given a toy from Richprime Global para mapractice ang unboxing video as part of the activity, however, Zee doesn’t seem comfortable doing it yet, so I didn’t pressure him. I think mas ok kung sila mismo ay ready to do this. Gusto nya daw kasi kasama ako always sa video or pictures, hahaha. Doon game sya! 


The workshop did not just benefit the kids, it was also helpful for the parents so ako talaga ang naging student ng day na iyon haha! 

Super thankful si Zee nung binigyan siya ng GC from Toy Kingdom, kasi naisip nya na may pang toy buying day na sya :)


People are asking me if I recommend kids to do vlogging?

For parents who have kids that are into vlogging, who are fans of youtube stars online, if they have the gift and interest in this area and you think they will flourish and grow using this medium. I think there’s nothing wrong, as long as there’s proper guidance from the parents and the values in the family are clear at hindi natin sila pinipilit.

Attend Omni and Bryce’s next run of this workshop it will surely help you a lot to start your kids vlogging journey.


Check out Manila Workshop’s page and Omni&Byrce’s posts for the next schedule mommies!


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