Vital people we need in our lives

“No man is an island.” A famous quote and indeed true in real life. Kahit gaano tayo ka-independent, kailangan natin ng meaningful relationship to thrive in life, to grow in wisdom and to discover a lot of things about ourselves and God’s plan for our lives.

We need people who will remind us the right things  from wrong, people who will cheer us up when we doubt ourselves. These are the people worth keeping in our lives.

Sino sino ba ang Kaakbay natin sa buhay?

  • Spouse – I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband, he is my friend, my number one cheerleader and my critic. He reminds me always about the “WHYs” of every hat I am wearing in everything that I do. Next to God, my husband is my comforter, I honestly feel safer when he’s around. Ayun siguro dahilan bakit sila tinawag na haligi ng tahanan ano?
  • Mentors and coaches – isa sa mga thankful ako ay sa mga mentors na nag-gaguide sa akin. Mentors will correct, guide and encourage us. I have spiritual mentors and I also have coaches for my career goals. 


  • “No Matter What” Friends – these friends are people we can call or message anytime, they listen without judgment, these friends say good things behind our back and say bad things in front of our face. No matter what friends, because no matter what happens, they stick with us, regardless of our seasons, they always stay, they listen, they care.
  • Church community – most of my mentors and “no matter what” friends came from our church community. It is important for every individual and families to be connected to a church. As they always say, it is better together, when we walk in faith together and grow together in the knowledge of God.
  • Relatives – our parents, siblings, in-laws, aunts, uncles and other relatives are also people we can always count on as well. Sabi nga, blood is thicker than water, di ba? Sa huli, pamilya pa din talaga ang magtutulungan.

Kaakbay, ito din ang theme ng new campaign ng Sunlife. Piolo Pascual, Inigo Pascual, Enchong Dee and Ms. Charo Santos shared their life stories with their kaakbay sa buhay.


Sun Life hopes to encourage Filipinos to find that partner who will help them shine to their full potential. Parang sa financial journey, we all need a guaranteed kaakbay sa buhay for our future needs and family’s needs. That’s Sun Life’s goal, committed to make lives brighter for their clients as Ms.Lopa shared (Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer).


The ‘Kaakbay” videos will be posted on Sun Life’s Youtube channel, @SunLifePH, with a new one premiering every week beginning July 13. Catch those inspiring stories mga mommies.


May chance kayong manalo ng trip for two sa Singapore by sharing your own stories kung sino ang Kaakbay nyo sa buhay. Consolation prizes will also be given away. The full mechanics are available on Sun Life’s Facebook.

Importante talaga na may mga tao tayo sa buhay natin na tutulong to bring out the best in us, who love us enough to correct us and who are happy for us during our winning moments and always on our side, even on our not-so-okay season.

If you have one or more people like this in your life, thank them today.

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