TupperClean Laundrymate & Soft ‘N Clean + Laundry Hacks

“Laundry Day or Laba Day” This is one of the hundred chores on a mom’s list.


That’s why we need to have good laundry products to help us moms save time and energy.

I was recently introduced to Tupper Clean LaundryMate Detergent and Soft N Clean Fabric Softener. These household products are from Tupperware Brands Philippines house cleaning line.


Sharing with you the things that I love about Tupper Clean Laundry Mate Detergent & Soft ‘N Clean Fabric Softener mommies:


  •  It has “Stain Fighting Enzyme”

Tupper Clean LaundryMate has a stain fighting enzyme that helps deep clean our clothes ; it breaks down tough stains easily. Mommies, if you have clothes with stains much better if i-babad (soak) with the detergent before washing it to loosen the stains that stocked in the fabric.


  •  Not too strong scent

I love the light scent of detergent and fabric softener (light scent but long lasting on clothes), the texture of the softener is also thick, looks like its concentrated. For me, beneficial ang not too strong scent dahil may allergic rhinitis ang boys ko mommies. Mas mild ang scent mas better! Mild din sya sa hands mommies, hindi mahapdi sa skin nung ginamit ko pang hand-wash sa white clothes.

TupperClean 3

  • Anti Bacterial

Clothes are not just “clean” in the outside but deeply clean in the “inside” mommies, the Soft ‘N Clean Fabric Softener has anti-bac component to completely clean our family’s clothes against any germs and bacteria.


  • Price on a Budget

P299 retail price is reasonable with the above mentioned benefits of TupperClean Laundry Mate Detergent & Fabric Softener.


And mommies, here are some bonus laba-da day laundry hacks!

    1. Use sanitizer to remove ink stains
    2. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove blood stains
    3. Chalk to remove grease on clothes
    4. Use vinegar for extra anti bacterial and to make the scent of fabric softener last longer

5. Add the Tupper Clean Soft N Clean softener to your water spray to help you get a                        wrinkle free clothes when ironing


There you go mommies! Hope these tips and this new product discovery helped you sa inyong laundry day!


To order and to know more about this product, you can contact any Tupperware Distributor or visit the following:


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6 thoughts on “TupperClean Laundrymate & Soft ‘N Clean + Laundry Hacks

  1. Dun talaga tayo lage sa makakatipid tayo pero sure naman na makakatanggal ng dumi. Subok na subok ko na din yang paggamit ng vinegar kahit na sa anong panglinis sa bahay. I haven’t try this brand yet.

  2. I haven’t tried this product yet, I always buy kasi sa supermarket. I agree with your laundry hacks. If I may add, aside from vinegar, baking soda is also good for the clothes.

  3. 299 set na sya? Sorry, I didn’t get it.😅 and gaano kalaki? I am used to buying in big packages to save more, like the tub of detergent from S&R, but wanted to try other option if this one’s speaks of a high quality product and saves in the long run.

  4. I haven’t tried these Tupperware products before. We send most of our laundry to the laundry shop now but I still do some handwashing once a week. Would love to try anything that will make doing the laundry a more pleasant experience for me. :)

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