Tips in protecting our school kids immune system

First time ni little boy ko mag-school this year, and napansin ko mas madalas syang nagkasipon compared nung homeschooled sya.

As much as I want to protect my child from virus, germs and bacteria, I can’t stay with him all day in school to keep him away from all pollutants. I can’t always be there to rescue him because I want him to learn independence as well.


And I believe you, moms, in one way or the other, feel the same way to your children so I’m sharing with you some of the things shared to us by experienced parents and tips I’ve read before that we are practicing in our family:


  • Serve healthy meals at home

Healthy eating as a family is a good value every family can share our little ones. By serving more fruits and vegetables, we are not just letting our child eat healthy food but minomodel din natin ang healthy eating habits sa kanila. I think all will agree that vegetables and fruits are more loaded with nutrients compared to instant and processed meals.




  • Teach kids to wash hands


Teaching kids to wash their hands especially before eating can help stop spreading of germs. Kaya I always have a sanitizer or alcohol sa bag mommies para if walang way to wash hands, we can still sanitize. Especially sa mga kids, ang-hilig nila mag-subo ng kamay. Di ba?



  • Be physically active


Recently, we started doing home exercise again. Kahit few minutes lang 3x a week. Both my husband and I work from home, so kailangan talaga namin intentionally i-schedule ang outdoor play with our child to promote and model active living sakanya and wag palaging indoor. Magandang bonding din ang exercise mommies


  • Take nutritious supplements


Aside from regularly taking vitamins prescribed by our child’s pediatrician. We want to try giving Zee some milk. I breastfed my son for 5 years and since schooling na sya, nag-stop na rin sya kasi big boy na.


I heard great reviews about Similac Gain School – the first formula milk with HMO (human milk oligosaccharides). It functions as an immunity booster and provides many benefits to growing kids.

Copy of Presentation – Untitled Design (1)

Zee likes the taste. We served it with his favorite ensaymada :)

Copy of Presentation – Untitled Design

Nakaka-help daw ang HMO to provide food for good bacteria in our child’s gut. Kapag nag multiply ang good bacteria they can fight the bad bacteria at hindi sila makakapag-stay in the gut cells and it will help boost our child’s immune system.


Check out the discounted price that they are offering in Lazada mommies:


Tipid Tip: Buy in Bundles para mas malaki ang savings :)


What about you mommies? Do you have additional tips on how to protect and boost your child’s immune system?




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