Tipid Mommy Finds: Baby Care Plus + Give-away!

One of the regular expense of having a baby is their personal care like baby wash, shampoo and lotion. Bukod yan sa diaper and milk (if formula fed). Kaya we moms all can agree na medyo magastos talaga ang first year ni baby.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high quality baby products I’m happy to share with you our family’s discovery Baby Care Plus by Tupperware Brands Ph.

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Yes mommies, hindi lang sila yung matitibay natin na food keeper, but Tupperware also have their Personal Care line.

The Baby Care Plus is complete from Head to Toe Baby care mommies. They have Shampoo, Baby Bath, Lotion, Cologne and Powder.

What Zee and I love about it?

  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatology Tested – it gives us parents a peace of mind when we know that the products we are using to our little bundle of joy are safe. Di ba?
  • Right PH Balance & Baby Plus+ Friendly Ingredients – yung formula nya may mga unique ingredients for baby’s skin protection mommies like the following :

 Baby Bath with Lamesoft Skin Protector – first time nyo din ba madinig ang Lamesoft mommies? Ito daw yung nag foform ng natural barrier around the skin ni baby that protects while cleansing for softer & smoother skin.

Baby Shampoo with Cetiol Conditioner – it moisturizes baby’s hair and scalp preventing dryness & leaving hair soft. Common pa naman ang dryness sa balat sa babies even sa scalp kaya ok itong Cetiol.

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Baby Lotion with 24 hour lock-in moisture and Vitamin E para soft all day ang balat ni baby.

 Baby Powder with Allantoin na anti irritant to soothe baby’s skin while keeping it fresh and dry. Low-dusting kaya lower yung risk for inhalation. Pero mommies syempre better consult your child’s pediatrician first if allowed na si baby for powder. But we love using their powder kay Zee lalo kapag mainit and during outdoor playtime.


  • Powdery Scent – lalong mag-aamoy baby ang babies dito mommies, we really love the scent. Fresh Powdery Scent!
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Ok din sa toddlers, para mag-amoy baby ulit :)

  • A little goes a long way – matipid sya mommies especially the shampoo & baby bath, konti lang pero foamy na sya pero walang residue after cleansing. Super sulit din yung malalaking packaging nya feeling ko mga 3-4 months namin magagamit ito.


  • Budget-friendly – yes mommies, pasok sa budget! Considering the quality ok na ok yung Baby Care plus sa price nya mommies.


To order and to know more about this product, you can contact any Tupperware Distributor or visit the following:


Facebook Instagram Twitter


And because Tupperware Brands PH is so generous, they are giving 1 Tipid Mommy Reader a chance to try the Baby Care Plus Products.


Join na kayo Tipid Mommies!




7 thoughts on “Tipid Mommy Finds: Baby Care Plus + Give-away!

  1. Agree po ako sa inyo momshie, ang tipid po talaga nya dahil hindi naman kailangan ng maraming ilalagay kay baby, yung sakto lang okay na okay na, maghapo hindi amoy pawis. And dahil banayad din po ang amoy, hindi naiiritateang baby ko dahil po may rhinitis na cia even since at an eary age (10 mos). Salamat momshie for sharing your blessings with us :)

  2. Heard but haven’t try yet Tupperware’s Baby Care products. Hope to be the lucky winner to be able to try and test the positive feedback that I’ve heard from other people. 😊

  3. I haven’t tried their Baby wash and lotion yet coz i only buy their powder, shampoo and cologne for my kids and i can say that its really good for my children’s sensitive skin and gustong gusto ko talaga yung scent nya kase pang baby talaga ang scent..

  4. Baby Care Plus is the most gentlest and safest products that cares from head to toe of my little one.
    I know that if I am giving my baby the best, it is my expression of love and protection to her and I can do that with the help of Baby Care Plus.

    A must-have for every Filipino home because this collection is perfect for taking caring of hair and skin of little ones and even adults, too!

  5. My baby is growing so fast and I know that I can’t turn back time anymore. That is why I made sure that I have given her LOVE, PROTECTION, and UTMOST CARE with the products that I am using for her hair and skin, everyday.

    I have trusted Baby Care Plus + products since she’s a baby because it gives her LOVE, PROTECTION, and gentle care from head to toe. It really cares for her hair and skin, making her smelling good all the time. Even if she is so playful, I need not to worry because I know that she is embraced with the power of BCP (Baby Care Plus) day to day.

    Using these products makes me caress her even more and that is one of my expression of love to her: cleaning, massaging and caressing her skin. Love to kiss and hug her as well.

    A mom like me is so thankful because Baby Care Plus is my hair and skin buddy in making my daughter grow to be LOVED, happy, playful, smart, and smelling good kid all day!

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