Stylash Eyelash Salon | Perfect for on-the-go Moms

Being a mompreneur, I am always on-the-go.

I don’t have time to put  make-up, false eyelashes or even apply a little mascara before heading to a meeting.

And tada!! Eyelash extension is the answer to stay fabulous even after having a baby or even if you’re a busy woMOM. 

Let me share with you ladies what I heart about Stylash.


What I love about stylash eyelash salon:


Their Fab Waiting Area



  • Reasonable Rates – Stylash eyelash extension starts from PHP 550 and up, you’ll definitely get what you paid for, or even more. 



This is my favorite “Glamorous”

stylash pricelist

They also offer Threading, Brow Tint (Perfect for those with brown hair) and Waxing Services


You can choose your lashes shape, how long and thick is you preferred lashes. I chose 10MM / 0.15mm (J-Shape)

Do you want to see the Before and After Image? The attendant told me I have a natural long lashes, I just need to make it look thicker… And I really love how it looks like!





Hubby told me, it made my eyes look brighter :) A stranger even told me I looked like a doll (Wow!)

With my little Zee :)

With my little Zee :)



With the lovely auditor and attendant of Stylash Salon (SM BF Branch)

Schedule your eyelash extension now ladies!

To know more about Stylash and be updated on their promos : Stylash Eyelash Salon 







It’s been a week and my eyelashes still look good. I am thankful for the grace and favor from God for the generosity of Stylash Eyelash Salon for treating me a “mommy me-time” but rest assured that my review is based on my personal experience and opinion.



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